Down size your To-Do list with Upwork

Life can get quite hectic especially when you are distracted with all the tasks ahead of you. Upwork can help you accomplish these task with 10 simple steps.

The first step is to clear your head by writing down all your tasks. Seeing your lists helps free up your thoughts.

Next, it’s recommended to have your list prepared in advance. This provides direction and a purpose for each day, allowing you to use your time on your tasks instead of planning.

It’s critical to keep your notes, to do lists, and tasks all in one place. This makes life simple when you can find everything in tool.

You also need to assign a time for each task, including a specifying a start time and a duration. This will force you to be more accurate and stick to the schedule.

Setting priorities to a task allows you know what’s most important. Keep in mind you will need to re-evaluate to try and determine why you keep procrastinating a task. Is it really needed, does it add value?

Next, you need a way to delegate to prevent tasks from getting lost or forgotten. If you use ClickUp it will make your life easier while including comments and an Assigned feature. Another great way Upwork is helping you is unpacking big tasks that seem overwhelming into several smaller sub-tasks which are much easier to tackle. Each sub-task you complete will allow you to feel accomplished.

Next, it’s critical to save time by batching together similar tasks. If you use the tagging feature in ClickUp it will help keep similar tasks together making tackling them at once a breeze.

The final step is to categorize tasks based on your energy levels and the time of the day. The morning is best for concentration tasks and maybe mundane or simple tasks are better when your energy is low. When you plan your day, plan it around your energy levels.

Upwork will help you be more successful by keeping you focused and accomplished on list, marking complete one at a time.

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PSI Pay Offering The ‘Ring’ Deal In Cashless Payment

Lines in banks are becoming smaller in each passing day thanks to the introduction of a paperless system of payment but this also being phased out. The introduction of wearables as a mode of payment has seen the plastic money also phasing out. PSI has also joined this bandwagon with the help of Kerv by introducing the Kerv Payment Ring. This will be a ring that will enable the users to pay seamlessly without revealing their bank details. There will be no use of a PIN or sign anything. How does this Kiev Wearable Contactless Ring compare to the current plastic money?

This is a question that most people that are a bit anxious to join the payment are asking. A research contacted a while back shows that most people are carrying less cash and need a system that is hustle free. Secondly, the ring reduces the long line in the bank and reduces the security concern that many users doing banking using plastic money have. Processing challenges is also a major concern for companies like RBS, NatWest, and TSB facing such challenges. However, the main concern on the PSI-pay supported Kerv wearables is accessibility, convenience and security problems.

The rig offers the solution to this concerns. First, it is widely accepted by over 38 million places and individuals globally, with a low transaction of only £30 which lowers risk of theft. Secondly, the card is also acceptable in different places where goods and services can be paid for. Thirdly, it is linked with other forms of payment making it more accessible. Lastly, it regulated by the FCA regulations which should calm down the fears that some might have.

The company at the center of all this is the PSI pay is an online payment service company regulated by FCA. It is authorized by FCA under European Union electronic money regulations of 2011 for the issuing of electronic money. It has partnered with other companies and business around the world to make their company the best in the world. Truly, with the strict protocol employed by different institutions, maybe biometric is the next step in verification but for now, the furthest we have gone is what PSI Pay is providing.


Talk Fusion: Leader in Video Communication

Talk Fusion is leading the video communication industry with their award-winning products. They are considered one of the top companies in their field. When it comes to these video products, Talk Fusion strives to make it the best possible experience to keep gaining new users. Their motto is all about giving back to others, which is thanks to Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s Founder and CEO. Nobody is more dedicated or committed to giving back than Bob.

Bob strongly believes in the power of giving back whether to family and friends, communities, and even animal charities. He has donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, an Indonesian orphanage, and even provided money to help numerous animals get the life-saving operations they are in desperate need of receiving. No matter what it is, Bob wants to help as many people around the world as he can. With Talk Fusion’s products, he believes they will help jump-start your business and help get your business noticed. He wants to see you live out your dreams and build a better future for yourself. That is why Bob is the most interested in hearing how these products have changed your life.

Bob has even taken his giving back mission a step further. He recently launched a program which allows Talk Fusion Associates to choose a charity of their choice and award them one free charity account. This account allows them to customize their videos and have full access to all of Talk Fusion’s products. This will not only help small businesses start up, but providing videos will help spread their message even faster. This is a great way to get recognized and bring in potential customers.

Talk Fusion’s products include Video Email, Video Newsletters, Video Chat, and Live Meetings. You can use these video products in a variety of different ways, such as announcing the opening of your business, promoting upcoming sales, conduct business meetings, announce a fundraiser, and even announce an upcoming animal adoption event. No matter what you decide, these products are easy to use and are compatible on all mobile devices.


Network Solutions Company Hires New CEO


There is a new leader at Coriant. The network solutions company had announced the hiring of Shaygan Kheradpir as its new Chief Executive Officer. Kheradpir is no stranger to Coriant. In 2015, he developed a close relationship with several of the company’s managers while an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners. A release from Coriant refers to Kheradpir as an “astute leader” with a diverse background in the fields of business and technology. Coriant officials said Kheradpir has the ability to grow the company at a time when there is a high demand for data intensive end user applications.

Kheradpir was born in London, England in 1960. He earned degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell University before working in GTE’s network routing and managing department. He eventually worked his way up to CEO. He also served as CEO of the Global Retail Business at Barclays Bank, and helped expand telecommunications and automation services while working at Verizon Wireless. Kheradpir serves on the boards of Cornell University’s Engineering Council and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Kheradpir has patented many new technologies in the media and telecommunications field. He also helped to develop the Pingit software that aids in mobile payments. In all, Kheradpir almost 30 years of executive management experience under his belt.

Coriant specializes in developing networking solutions for its clients. They boast 500 customers worldwide and have annual revenues of over $1 billion. They have two headquarters, one in Naperville, Illinois, USA, the other in Munich, Germany.



The Top Video Chat App in the World: Talk Fusion

What does it take to become the number one video app in the world? A lot of innovation. In places like Indonesia, Talk Fusion is the most used video chat app on the Android App store. In places like Japan and Switzerland, it is also very popular. The reason is that it provides easy video chat services, among other things. With Talk Fusion, you can send videos in emails, create newsletters, conduct live video meetings, and more.

With the email part, for example, you can select from hundreds of top quality templates to send an email to one or many people. This is all done from one central app. No worrying about switching back and forth between many applications. You simply upload the video from any smart device, such as a tablet, smartphone, or computer. The brand can be Apple, Android, or Windows. Then, you load the video into the email that you want to send. You’re ready to send after that.

In addition to being easy to use and multi-functioned, Talk Fusion is also more affordable than other apps. This is due to their Direct Selling Association membership, which means they sell directly to friends and family through their associates who are all around the globe (over 140 countries). They adhere to the highest ethical standards when selling as well.

The reason that Talk Fusion is so ethical and useful for customers is because of the founder: Brad Reina. He started the company in 2007 by scratching his own itch. He was annoyed that it was impossible to easily send a short video clip to his friend via email without linking to an outside source. He wanted to embed it. AOL, his email service at the time, said that it could not be done. Reina is a former police officer and knew that he could solve the problem, so he got the help of his IT partner and started innovating.