Michael Zomber Shares His Love of Antique Arms and Armor


Michael Zomber, a recognized authority on Japanese samurai swords and collector of antique arms and armor for over forty years has shared his vast amount of experience and knowledge in many ways. With an American audience, Michael has been a guest historian on the History Channel’s Tales of the Gun series. He’s also written over a dozen screenplays and plenty of historical novels.

In the History Channel’s “Guns of The Orient,” Michael Zomber displayed his expertise by talking about the many varied guns that were used by the Turks or originated there. In “Million Dollar Guns,” he educated the public by explaining the different factors that go into pricing an antique gun and went further by providing detailed information on specific guns that are worth over a million dollars. In “Dueling Guns,” another History Channel favorite, Michael shared his knowledge of wheel lock pistols and flint lock pistols that were used as dueling pistols.


By nature, Michael Zomber is a storyteller, and his bachelor’s degree with honors in English Literature as well as his master’s degree in English Literature from UCLA has served him well. Produced with his wife and their company; Renascent Films LLC., his critically acclaimed documentary film, “Soul of the Samurai,” combined the talents of historians, Samurai masters, and artists. In that film, Michael worked closely with well-known Zen Buddhist master Kensho Furuya, a world renowned authority on Japanese swords and their fittings, to ensure that the everything was done as correctly as possible. Michael also was responsible for the set design and procuring as well as placement of genuine Edo period armor and swords.


Michael Zomber also collects treasured antique weapons from all over the world and sells some of these. He has a fine-tuned eye for quality workmanship and the artistic qualities of these weapons and desires that anyone who buys them will recognize the artistic qualities as well as their place in history. Today, he enjoys a life with his wife and two children outside of Philadelphia.  Learn more about Michael and his family via his Facebook page, or learn about Michael the professional author on CrunchBase.