Dick and Betsy DeVos The Renown Philanthropists

Among the highest philanthropists n America are Dick and Betsy DeVos. The couple has faced much criticism for their giving in political courses. However, the fact is that they give more in charitable courses than in political agendas; in fact, the latter is just pocket change in comparison to the former. Dick and Betsy’s giving is more genetic than showy. The two came from family backgrounds where parents were big givers. Rich DeVos, Dick’s dad, was named among the highest donors in America’s Forbes’ list, as he and his family gave a total of $104 million in charitable donations in 2015. The same applies to Edgar Prince, Betsy’s dad, who was a great industrialist and philanthropist in Holland. Based on this, it’s clear that the couple gives more out of family legacy than for any other reason.

Dick and Betsy’s say that they mainly give to reform situations in America. One of their greatest interests is education because they feel that the traditional public system has failed to address the needs of many students. In Dick’s words, the system fails to help people attain the American Dream. The couple gives to Charter and Voucher schools that are more transformational than the old regime. They also posit that most people have decided to join the new type of schools since they offer better results than public schools.

In a recent interview, Betsy DeVos said that she had given $6 million in political courses in the last six years and $11. 6 Million in one year alone to charitable courses. The above statistics made it clear that she is more given to charity than to politics. Most of her giving is also related to educational courses.

Dick DeVos Work History

Dick DeVos is the oldest son of Richard DeVos, who co-founded Amway Corporation with Van Andel. DeVos began his career in the Amway Corporation back in 1974 where he held many positions at different levels. After ten years of working in the corporation, Dick was promoted to the post of Vice President of the company’s operations in 18 countries. Rich DeVos understood that this would give the son the necessary experience to run the family business. In 1989, Dick left Amway to launch his own company called Windquest Group, a company that dealt with the innovations in manufacturing, technology, and energy solutions.

Later in 1991, Dick was appointed to be the manager of the Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise’s National Basket Association. However, Dick remained active in the leadership of Windquest. In 1993, Dick returned to Amway as the company president after the father retired from the position. He also was the overseer of the corporation’s restructuring whereby Alticor Corporation was created. Alticor became an umbrella body that compromised Access Business Group, Alticor, and Amway. Consequently, the company now reached over 50 countries in 6 continents.


Livio Bisterzo, Hippeas CEO

Livio Bisterzo is the founder and CEO of Green Park Brands Inc. He founded this company back in April of 2015. He started his entrepreneurial adventures in college, but found his calling with his company Green Park Brands Inc. This company creates healthy and nutritional foods that are rapidly growing within the health food network. Their focus is to make items that are better for you.

Livio is an Italian entrepreneur that began his entrepreneurial work in 2013 when he created an events business. He eventually partnered with RNA Corporation to create a skincare line for men’s grooming. Even though the line was successful, Livio Bisterzo left the business in 2010 to invest in a start-up beverage business called Little Miracles. The beverage was a hit and grew rapidly while winning several awards.

After relocating his family to Los Angeles Bisterzo founded Green Park Holdings in 2015. Green Park’s first brand is called Hippeas. This came out in April 2016 and is a range of organic chickpea puffs. These organic snacks were inspired by the original hippie era, but updated to appeal to the health-conscious millennial consumers. The brand is meant to taste good and be good for you. They also have a mantra of ‘Peas Love & Giving Back’. This is meant to appeal to the millennials and let them know that for every pack that is sold they will be giving to the farmers of Eastern Africa. They are trying to help these farmers grow themselves out of poverty.

Bisterzo is considered a serial entrepreneur. He has helped create several companies and left them to go create more companies. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three children. Before all of his success, Bisterzo studied at the University of the Arts in London. After founding an events business, he created a business portfolio that had everything from hospitality work to consumer brands. Bisterzo seems to have always known what he was meant to do.

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Kim Dao Talks about her Departure from Japan

Australian YouTube personality Kim Dao recently posted a new video in which she talks about her plans to move back to Australia after more than a year in Japan. The YouTube video blogger had always wanted to live in Japan and says that moving there was a fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Although Kim Dao says she will miss Japan, she explains that it was never her intention to stay there forever. Learn more: http://www.kimdaoblog.com/


Kim Dao will be spending a few weeks in Australia before traveling to South Korea and later visiting her family in Europe. According to Kim, she needs to unwind a little bit at home before flying from Australia to Denmark, where her family lives. However, she will need to return to Korea in the middle of her visit to Europe for a project she is undertaking with the South Korean government. Kim Dao is extremely excited about this professional opportunity even though it will mean a lot of air travel back and forth. Learn more: https://www.depop.com/kimdaoblog


Kim Dao plans on spending seven weeks in Europe. In addition to Denmark, Kim Dao will be visiting Italy, Germany, and England, although she is optimistic that she will be able to fit in other countries into her itinerary. Upon returning from Europe, she will need to travel to Korea one more time to tie up some loose ends, and then she will be returning to Australia for good. Kim Dao is looking forward to her trip, but is also happy that she is moving back to Australia. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/kim-dao/


Eva Moskowitz: Education Giant

Eva Moskowitz is one of the most respected educational organizers in the United States. Through her founding of the Success Academy Charter Schools, she has been instrumental in many children in the New York City area receiving a top quality education.


Throughout her early life, Eva Moskowitz was always interested in education. She was raised in the Columbia University neighborhood of Manhattan and graduated from Stuyvesant High School. She then went on to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. It was at Penn that Eva Moskowitz’s writing was criticized by a professor which would become a catalyst for her later emphasis on writing as part of Success Academy’s curriculum.


After Penn, Eva Moskowitz graduated from Johns Hopkins with a PHD in History. After an early career in teaching, Moskowitz went on to found Success Academy Charter Schools. Through this school, she has allowed access to charter schools for many in New York City.


A pioneer in education, Eva Moskowitz has used her position to implement some of her educational ideals. She has used the model of raising intellectual standards so that students at her school will raise their standards. Also, she has argued for the role of charter schools in the innovation of education, due to the fact that charter schools put the customers, which are the students, first.


Along with being an educator, Eva Moskowitz also had a political career in which she ran for Borough President and sat on the city council. She has announced her candidacy for mayor of New York City for 2017.


With an inspirational career as an educator and future that could involve being the mayor of New York, Eva Moskowitz has established herself as one of New York City’s most influential citizens. It is certain that she will be in the public eye for years to come.


MLB Fantasy Pickups

Improving your mlb fantasy lineup can be as simple as making a few small additions.  Still early in the season, there are lots of available options to improve your lineup.  Here are some of the best players currently available in most leagues:


Rhys Hoskins


Hoskins has been on fire hitting to the tune of .333 and seven homers in Triple-A.  His 38 homers in Double-A last season serve as proof of his power.  Hoskins is currently owned in about 11 percent of CBSSports.com leagues.  This would be an ideal time to pick him up before others take notice.


Eddie Butler


No longer with the Rockies, Butler is free to show what he can do after being called up from Triple A by the Cubs.  Owned in only about 5 percent of leagues this is a perfect time to take a chance on him before he begins showing what he can do. The 15th overall pick of the 2012 draft, Butler should soon being succeeding in the majors.


Hansel Robles


Hansel Robles could be a great addition to your available pictures.  Currently owned in only about 10 percent of leagues, Robles should become the full-time setup man for the Mets as Addison Reed moves back into the closer’s role.  His incredible fastball along with his quick start (four wins) he is a guy that can quickly improve your lineup.


Kennys Vargas


Recalled from Triple-A three weeks ago, Kennys Vargas has produced solid results while in the lineup.  He has proven he has power with four homers in only 39 at bats.  That could project out to 20-30 home runs if he simply plays most games.  Owned in less than ten percent of leagues, you should pick him up now.


These are just a few of the options out there in most leagues.  Looking for more help? Check out http://www.fantasyalarm.com/mlb.

Jason Hope Implore Investors – Pay Attention to the Internet of Things

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen renewed focus on this little concept called the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is going to be the next great industry in the tech world, especially if you buy into what futurist and entrepreneur Jason Hope has been writing about. Jason Hope is one of the foremost entrepreneurs in the world and his work in the tech industry has been taking on renewed importance over the years. Hope’s belief in the Internet of Things is starting to be backed up by the actual prevalence of technology. Let’s jump into it and see what the IoT has to offer.

To start off with you’ll probably want to know what the Internet of Things actually is. The Internet of Things refers to the collection of technology that we interact with in our day to day lives and how it connects to the internet. These devices can now be seen all over the world in all kinds of different daily functions. Consider the way that you use your Fitbit to monitor your vitals while exercising, or how Google is developing a smart car that will drive without a necessary driver. This is the Internet of Things and it is even more prevalent than you think.

Jason Hope implores people to look toward the airline industry in order to get a full picture of the potential of the Internet of Things. We can see that Virgin Atlantic is already utilizing the Internet of Things for their Boeing 787s. The Boeing 787 jets used by Virgin Atlantic are connected to the internet in real time all the way from the nose to the tail of the vehicle. The structure of the 787 is monitored in real time to constantly ensure that the aircraft is safe for the passengers on board. This is the power of the Internet of Things.Eventually Jason Hope believes that the IoT is going to take over as a global industry whereupon the best companies will have already staked their claim. For those wanting to get ahead of the curve, now would be a great time to invest.

Source of the article : https://www.business.com/advice/member/p/jason-hope/

George Soros Instrumental in Progressive Fight Through America

In 2015 the United States was rocked by the shooting of Michael Brown via Officer Darren Wilson. The shooting instigated a country wide conversation on the way that law enforcement officers interacted with minority individuals in the line of their duty. The Ferguson Protests were instrumental in getting people to pay attention to social inequality. At the heart of these protests was a man by the name of George Soros. Soros is a billionaire investor, one of the leading philanthropists on the planet, and a lifelong progressive. His faith in the grassroots ability of social justice was the energy that fueled these protests. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

George Soros knows the power of the people and he also knows the force of oppression, having grown up as a Jew in Nazi-occupied Hungary. Knowing both of these ends of the balance led Soros to focus on making sure it would never happen again. Soros, a noted liberal, established the Open Society Foundations as his way of reaching out to help these grassroots campaigns get going with the juice that they need in order to stand up for what is right. Soros would go on to donate nearly $33 million to grassroots activists in and around Ferguson leading up to the fated shooting. Kenneth Zimmerman, director at the Open Society Foundations, said: “Our DNA includes a belief that having people participate in government is indispensable to living in a more just, inclusive, democratic society.”

The 2016 Presidential Election found a way to get George Soros back into the fray and fighting for the ideals echoed by Kenneth Zimmerman above. Soros saw the rise in popularity of Donald Trump, who would go on to become President, and he knew that he had to act and act quickly. George Soros was last fully in the political fray in 2004 when he backed Al Gore against President Bush in one of the most controversial elections of all time. After that election Soros opted to step back and let the political machine do its thing, working his magic on the outside by funding and fueling philanthropic endeavors and grassroots operations.

With that being said, George Soros couldn’t sit idly by and watch as Donald Trump rose in power standing on everything that his progressive values shouted out against. So, Soros would jump back into the fray by backing Hillary Clinton in her presidential bid. Soros would end up donating nearly $25 million to various Democratic and progressive platforms while giving Clinton his full support. The reason for this return to politics was encapsulated by Soros’ own adviser, Michael Vachon. Vachon said, “This year the political stakes are exceptionally high.” Vachon went on to echo how Trump had subverted the American way by turning politics into a hostile game that would seek to damage and destroy lives. Read this story at Politico.com about George Soros.

With President Trump in office many people are turning to folks like George Soros to help steady the ship going forward. Soros is partnering up with other elite progressives in order to fuel a resistance to the Trump and GOP’s destructive agenda.

Planning an Event? Twenty Three Layers Can Help


Sure, almost everyone knows how to get dressed up and messed up when they go out to a party or the most highly anticipated social event of the year. And, sometimes people even know how to behave themselves when invited to a prestigious event full of pageantry and pomp. But, how many people know how a good party is supposed operate or who to run to when it comes to putting together a fun yet professional event?



Before a party planner seeks out and finds the just the right corporate event planners in NYC for their event, they need to know a few things about party planning, for their own edification. The first thing to know and remember is that party planning can be overwhelming in its scale and pace of action. But, at the end of the day it is a simple thing, for the most part.



One of the most important concepts to keep in mind while building an event is organization. With the proper use of lists, any and every event is just a success waiting to happen. This is provided that lists are detailed and updated properly. There should be a guest, shopping and to do list for every event or party being planned, no matter what the occasion. On top of them all, there needs to be a master list that keeps every detail under one roof so to speak.



With all the lists in place, action needs to happen because there is no time to waste. To get the attention of intended party-goers, invitations that appropriately represent a chosen theme to the gathering need to be sent out with good timing. Depending on the crowd that RSVPs for the event, the choice of whether to provide bar service or not has to be made. Perhaps, a concoction with particular ingredients is in order. Who knows where the fun might lead.



There is one thing for sure though. The fact is that any event or party almost always follows the mood and temperament of its host and master of ceremony. So, the need to keep things relaxed and flexible where these rock stars get involved is crucial if not critical. For this reason, using event planning companies in NYC is highly recommended.



A good company to use is Twenty Three Layers. They do it all when it comes to event planning, production and design. The range of the services they perform includes venue selection, catering, floral design, entertainment, photography, lighting, branding, fabrication, custom printing, styling and workshops. With everything they offer to put into an event, there is no detail to be or too small to incorporate and enjoy with friend, family and colleagues.

Honey Birdette Eyes UK and US Lingerie Markets

Honey Birdette, the Australian lingerie and intimates toy and accessory company created by maverick business entrepreneur, Eloise Monahan, has, of late, debuted some big plans for company expansion. The sexy fashion brand has been exceedingly successful in its home market of Australian where it currently operates fifty five different retailers, however, they have publicly released plans for movement into the United Kingdoms, specifically in the areas of Westfield Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle and Liverpool. Thus far, Honey Birdette plans to create forty new stores in the aforementioned UK areas (which is a increase of 37 up from the three stores they already operate within the United Kingdom).

In addition to the brand’s UK expansion plan, they also have their sites dead set on the United States of America due to a huge up-surge in sales from the red, white and blue lingerie consumer niche (they reported that their sales increased 374 % from American sales alone!).

To this end, Honey Birdette has created a new, English language website specifically geared towards their prospective United States clientele. Unlike their original Australian based website, the US based website features a bevvy of special offers and increased user-friendly interface features. Some of the most notable of these special features include a new offer which allows buyers to knock off the whole price of normal delivery for any product purchase of $ 50 US dollars or more as well as the ability to get rid of the whole price of express delivery for any product purchase over $ 100 US dollars. According to some recent public statements from the company, Honey Birdette also has big plans for setting up numerous retailer boutiques within the United States in the “-near future-“.

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Julia Jackson Continues Her Family’s Proud Tradition of Winemaking

Julia Jackson has been interested in winemaking since her childhood involvement with the family business. She can well remember picking and sorting grapes in the blazing sun while listening to her father extol the virtues of hard work. However, it wasn’t just something she endured, there was genuine interest there as well.

Julia attended Scripps College in Claremont, California where she received a bachelor of arts degree. She then completed a certificate program from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

In her lifelong experience with winemaking and tasting, Julia puts forth one interesting observation about wine from Sonoma. One that she considers superlative is Sonoma Cabernet. Despite the fact that Sonoma has a reputation for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Watching her mother excel as a winemaker and in business in general, has inspired Julia to found an organization called Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. They celebrate the strength and leadership that women often provide. The organization awards $100,000 in grants to nonprofit groups annually. Overcoming adversity and celebrating strong, female leaders are prime considerations. Other core values are equality and community.

The Carmel Road brand from Jackson Family Wines is produced in Monterey, California. The brand was founded in 1999 and is known for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The uniqueness is provided by the Panorama Vineyard. The wines it produces are noted for their aromatics and complexity. Julia Jackson is well positioned to help continue to grow her family’s business.

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