Attorney Ross Abelow Launches GoFundMe Campaign

Attorney Ross Abelow seems like a tough guy in the courtroom. However, he has a heart of gold. Ross Abelow recently launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a pet shelter in New York City. The fact is that the winter is very brutal on animals. A lot of animals that are out in the cold do not survive. Therefore, there is a growing need for animal shelters to help animals survive the winter weather. Ross Abelow’s goal is to raise $5,000 to care for the homeless animals at the animal shelters.

The GoFundMe Campaign
The GoFundMe Campaign should provide the needed money to keep the animal shelters going strong through the winter and the rest of the year. Certainly, Abelow is a well-respected attorney in the community. He has great love for the community and likes to get involved with community projects. This is one project that really hits home with Abelow. Abelow quickly realized that there was a great need for animal shelters in the community. He is very adamant about protecting homeless animals and hopes those in the community share his concern. He would like the local community and others around the country to support his campaign on his GoFundMe page.

About Ross Abelow
Ross Abelow is a well-known attorney residing in New York City. Ross Abelow is one legal professional that is sought out by people because of his expertise, knowledge, and skills in the courtroom. Mr Abelow is a graduate of NYU and the Brooklyn College of Law. Mr Abelow has been licensed to practice law for over 20 years.

Mr Abelow is a very successful lawyer in New York and a well-known supporter of local causes in the community. Attorney Abelow is a partner with the law firm Abelow & Cassandro LLP. The attorney specializes in matrimonial law, family law, and entertainment law. Mr Abelow also has a strong social media presence. He enjoys writing for legal blogs, personal blogs, and contributing articles to various sources.

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