Andy Wirth: A Man “Wirth” Knowing

Andrew “Andy” Wirth is the founder, owner, and current CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, a ski resort located in Olympic Valley, California, with a goal of transforming his resort into on of the top ski areas in the world. In addition to running Squaw Valley Ski, Wirth is also actively involved in the development of airports linked to other resorts and tourist destinations all over the United States, and was elected Chairman of the Regional Air Service Corporation (RASC) of the greater Lake Tahoe area on January 12, 2016.

In addition to his work in many resorts, including his own, Andy Wirth has also made increasing efforts to preserve the environment of the greater Lake Tahoe area, including the building of community and environmental service organizations in which people of all ages in the area can be actively involved.

Wirth appeared on Season 4, episode 11 of the reality television series “Undercover Boss” where he climbed to the top of the cliff with one of his employees, while also training as a ski patrol, and learned the dangers of the jobs they do and the struggles some of his employees face in their personal lives.

Wirth is also the co-founder of an Ironman team called “Wounded Warrior Support” that raises money for the Navy SEAL Foundation and their efforts of providing shelter and employment for NAVY soldiers upon returning home from the military. Wirth created the team as a response to an accident he suffered which nearly cost him his life during a skydiving trip. He says he then recognized the dangerous situations many people put themselves though in their professions, and is doing his best not to take his own position of power for granted.