The Chainsmokers and “Side Effects”

What Is New from the Chainsmokers

Recently, Rolling Stone did an article about The Chainsmokers new music video called “Side Effects.” This video features a young woman who is working in a hotel. She gets a phone call from her manager informing her that she is going to have to work for the entire night. She hangs up the phone without a response. Instead of feeling distraught and beginning to work, she decides to take a different path. She rips off her shirt revealing a shiny undershirt, and she decides to dance around the hotel. The hotel employee is having a great time dancing alone, and she ends up trying to dance with the security guard, but he gives her little attention. Apart from featuring the joyful hotel maid, the music video takes you through some of the hotel rooms. In these rooms, you can see individuals who are having fun and dancing in their rooms.

Who Are the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are a production and DJ team. The members of the team are Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The Chainsmokers have record labels with Columbia and Sony. The Chainsmokers have had a successful history when it comes to music. The team was formed in 2012, and they had their first live performance in 2013. In 2015, they released the single “Good Intentions,” and in 2016, they release the popular single “Don’t Let Me Down.” In 2017, they released their single “Paris,” and in 2018, they released their single called “Sick Boy.” The music that the Chainsmokers feature is considered to be dance, hip-hop, Indie, and pop all together. The Chainsmokers are definitely an international success. They have won Billboard Awards, Grammy Awards, awards from iheart, AMA, and they have also won American Music Awards. The Chainsmokers have been able to feature some of the most popular singers in R&B and pop, and their new song is sure to be a hit.

Inspire to the Aspire in New Brunswick

Boraie development LLC a new luxury rental tower in New Brunswick has launched its new leasing facility for the summer tenancy. This way, the individuals looking for rental units that are off the beaten paths can visit this unit at 135 Somerset St. In the Aspire, you can find trendy options that will help you beef up your modern lifestyle. For more details visit Rutgers.

The Aspire locality includes 238 studios and both one-and-two bedroom apartment designs in the modern buildings. A resident can enjoy the poised facilities like 24-hour door attendant services and parking opportunities with easy access to the structures. Its floor design features various designs and finishes including a hardwood floor design in the leaving area and frameless glass for the shower stalls that are located in the master bedrooms. Additionally, Aspire provides for the luxury resident lounge. To this end, this unit entails additional features like a catering kitchen. The kitchen has a dining table that can accommodate 12, several flat screens TVs, a pool table and outdoor extensions with seating. You can visit Bloomberg to see more.


Shaquille O’Neal is now in the Real Estate Development Partnership

One of the old theaters on the Springfield Avenue, Shaquille O’Neal will now be cityplex12 Newark. This is after Mr. O’Neal who is a renowned former superstar in the national basketball association, completed a $ 7 million affiliation deal with the New Brunswick developer. This move features one of many development projects that New Brunswick developers and Shaquille O’Neal are working on. While some of New Brunswick developer’s ventures are located in the Newark, they have extended their reach to the proxy localities like New Jersey. In all these facilities, they seek to establish housing and commercial developments.


This new partnership will focus more on the urban downtowns in Jersey. However, this firm does not strive to be all over the market but rather to handle each project at ago to deliver outstanding results. This development will also help to grow and develop the retail complex, movies theaters, and the market housing rates particularly in the Atlantic City but they have other development strategies that are underway for Newark. Omar Boraie is a trendsetter when it comes to urban real estate and its marketing.


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The Key Reasons for Investing in Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali who established Freedom Checks is a senior financial analyst and best geologist ever known. He joined Penn State University for his undergraduate studies where his knowledge in Earth Science was expounded. He never hesitated to join Florida Atlantic University for his postgraduate studies where he undertook a Master of Science in Geology and during his geologist training, he interrogated several CEOs. Therefore, he learns more concerning investment directly from the horse mouth. After his academics, it was time to venture the world to begin his career journey, and in the line of duty, he has been able to travel all around the world as he inspects the wells and mines. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

The robust program commonly known as Freedom Checks which was invented by Matt has been adventitious to United States Citizen in several ways. Therefore, the impact cannot be under-estimated. Matt featured in an advert that stipulated that he held the most significant number of the checks worth $114,287 and he has been encouraging other people to invest because they can also have the same amount as him. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

A scam is an illegal form of investment, it, therefore, differs from Freedom Checks because this legal form of Investment that complies with the United States tax code. To get capital gain from it, one requires investing, and this became the many reasons for many people intending to purchase of their failing. Also, distribution of these checks does not follow any unique process instead it follows the similar procedures to gather profits used by other forms of investment. Freedom Checks can be mailed to investor home, and he makes payment through his bank’s account and also via a broker.

In making a wise investment decision, there should be no hurry because investing in wrong areas calls for a loss. Therefore, adequate time should be taken to analyze the previous and current trends of an investment as well as the possible risk and potential returns should be identified. Thus, there will be no crime committed to saying that Freedom Checks should be the best option for investment. It is because they are secure and an investor is assured a higher amount of return due to their tax-free income nature. The reason behind this is that the government regards them as return on capital which is not taxable.



Krishen Iyer Interview Recap

Krishen Iyer is an important partner with Managed Benefits. He’s in charge of helping the company’s clients with their marketing needs and growth. Krishen Iyer has an extensive background in marketing and this allows him to provide each client with individualized plans and strategies for their company. Before his rise to corporate success, Iyer was a student at San Diego State University and before that he went to Grossmont College. He received degrees in public administration and urban development.


During his academic studies, Krishen Iyer started fine honing the skills that make him successful today. His detail-oriented mindset, professionalism, and his unique leadership skills all began to form during his academic studies. Today, they have made him a highly successful businessman.


Krishen Iyer recently sat down for an interview to talk about what made him the success he is today and why he chose to partner with Managed Benefits and move on from Quick Link Marketing.


When asked about what gave him the idea for Quick Link, Iyer responded by noting a general lack of real marketing solution services and decided to jump on the opportunity to provide the much needed service.


Iyer maintains a strict schedule for his business days. He gets all of his interfacing work out of the way in the early morning. By doing so, he leaves the majority of the day open to really focus on his client’s needs. It’s this professionalism and care for his clients that sets him apart from the crowd.


Krishen also values communication to an intense degree. For Krishen, communication is how ideas come to life. Having lots of people with varying perspectives come together to collaborate and provide feedback is one of the key factors in making an idea a reality. That is Krishen’s point of view on the matter, of course, but something that most people can agree with.


Whitney Wolfe’s Achievement in Women Social Networking

An American entrepreneur, Whitney Wolfe was born in 1989. Whitney Wolfe leads one of the popular social networking apps across the globe known as Bumble. She is the Chief Executive officer. In 2014, Whitney launched the first ever dating platform. It became the first app that women are expected to make the first move. She has worked to see her vision of building Bumble as the female social network, enabling women to connect with people they have not met before. Connect with Whitney Wolfe by visiting her linkedin account.

Bumble, unlike other dating platforms, offered women more control. Within a year, the app had hit 50 million and above unique conversations as well as 80 million matches. By 2017, Bumble had more than 22 million users. In the business insider, Wolfe was named one of the significant women in “30 under 30“. Two years later, she became one of the best Elle”s Women in Tech. In 2017, she was listed in 15 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch Out. She has severally appeared on Forbes’ covers.

Bumble has become an empire and is valued at $1 billion. Within a period of four years, Whitney’s vision made Bumble grow exponentially. Bumble BFF was launched; an outgrowth for creating platonic friends. She has also launched Bumble Bizz, intended for finding business connections. Wolfe believes that you can only be as happy as your last or least relationship.

Whitney Wolfe has been included in the board of directors, as a non-voting member of Imagine Entertainment. According to Grazer, the chairman of the board, Whitney is an original thinker, a visionary and a strong entrepreneur who has a passion for empowered community. She was seen as an integral resource Imagine Entertainment would need for growth. The board of directors believed that she will bring not only relevancy but a fresh viewpoint to the company.

Whitney Wolfe has a passion to empower women. The reason why she established Bubble was that how partners in a heterosexual relationship are expected to interact is dynamic. Failure to consider that has ended up with dysfunctional relationships, leaving the parties involved hurting.

Whitney confessed that she has anxiety problems. She worries about everything, thinking of the possibilities of bad things happening to close people. When she founded Bumble, she pretty much had self-doubt, people criticized her work. Articles meant to discourage the work kept flowing her way.

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End Citizens United Issue Complainant About Rick Scott

In the year 2010, the Supreme Court in the United States made a great ruling that made so many changes in the lives of the people living in the large nation. The ruling has made significant changes in the political system, and many people, especially the Democrats, feel that the ruling was unfair. The famous ruling has been discussed by many experts over the years, and people want to look for a way to overturn the ruling, there are several organizations that were founded so that they can object the court ruling. End Citizens United is currently one of the most popular pacs in the country, and it came as a result of the court activities. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

Although End Citizen United is still new in the hearts of many people, it has already transformed the country. More people are getting nominated to the senate and other political offices using the honest channels. End Citizen United has endorsed several candidates since it was introduced into the world, and most of them have won their political offices. Getting support from this company is not a walk in the park. Very few individuals have been lucky enough to acquire nomination from this respectable pac since it was established. The institution has also ashamed some of the individuals using black money in their campaigns.

This year, End Citizens United announced that it had decided to issue a compliant with the popular Federal Election Commission. The company official says that one of the people who is campaigning for the Senate is using illegal funds. Rick Scott is the person who has landed in trouble. The politician has been discovered to be using Super PAC to support his campaigns, something that is considered to be illegal by the commission. End Citizens United has noted that Rock is using the funds to get away with some of the federal limits. The organization wants to put an end to this behavior so that more honest individuals can be nominated for political offices. This is not the first time End Citizens United officials have reported a candidate who is misusing funds so that they can be appointed to the Senate.

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Sussex Healthcare Changing Lives In The UK

There are a lot of ways that Sussex Healthcare contributes to better experiences and economic standards of care. Their services have been instrumental in organizing care for senior people and offering specialist standards. Learning difficulties and neurological setbacks are also areas that Sussex Healthcare addresses. Home care facilities by this organization now have extensive coverage due to their complex and versatile solutions throughout the United Kingdom.

A major point they focus on relates to compassionate and empowering care. Sussex health wants people to enjoy their lives and helps the disabled and the elderly significantly. Their main goal is to increase the quality of life. They also promote better results through consistent attention to detail and planning.

Facilities are established across the United Kingdom and make a big difference in urban and suburban communities alike. Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other conditions can be addressed on an ongoing basis thanks to their innovative systems.

The company was established in 1998 and expanded services offered over the years. Significant changes and advantages can be seen throughout the system because of care that centers around each person. There are a lot of reasons that Sussex Healthcare provides viable solutions to businesses and individuals alike. They have crafted some of the most effective protocols and the staff is constantly standing by. With high ranking service providers, it is clear that they will be able to make a big difference in the lives of all their patients.

No matter what a patient is seeking, Sussex Healthcare is sure to offer custom solutions. They provide incredible support and have made valuable strides in the way that daily routines are carried out. They make it possible for people to get the kind of treatment they want and need at affordable prices. Because of their international prowess throughout the UK, it is clear that there are a lot of reasons to work with Sussex Healthcare. Consider their services to get the most out of your healthcare experience today.


Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998 by its current CEO Randal Nardone and principal Wes Edens as a private equity firm. The company has since grown to become a global investment firm that manages around $43 billion in assets for over 1700 private investors and other institutional clients.

In 2007 it became the first large private equity firm to go public on the New York stock exchange. Its headquarters are in New York City, and it employs about 950 people. The company specializes in mergers and acquisitions, asset based investments, portfolio operations management and has some expertise in capital markets.

Fortress Investment Group recently brokered a $20 million deal with iPass, a Wi-Fi connectivity options provider. The deal, brokered by Riley Financial Inc. is in the form of a loan secured by all of iPass’significant asset base that includes several patents and SmartConnect. iPass operates a large Wi-Fi network worldwide that allows consumers to access and enjoy always-on Wi-Fi.

Customers can currently access over 64 million hotspots that are found in many public areas worldwide. The number of hotspots is projected to increase by about 340 million by the end of 2018. Ipass’ growth potential is what makes it such a suitable investment. $10 million was made available to iPass immediately after signing the deal.

One of Fortress Investment Group’s investments is Brightline Trains. Brightline train, the only passenger rail system that is privately owned and run in the United States helps South Florida residents travel faster between their major cities.

Brightline’s trains run between Miami and Fort Lauderdale daily. Average travel times in any route vary between 33 and 35 minutes depending on where you are going. In the future, Brightline hopes to expand to many of the major cities in the United States. Brightline received a lot of support and publicity.

It is touted to increase real estate prices in areas that are served by the trains.
In December 2017, Softbank acquired Fortress Investment Group in a deal reported to be worth $3.3 billion. Softbank is a diverse company that owns shares in many firms spanning several sectors that include tech services, internet, broadband and many more.

Despite a large amount of money it had to use to acquire Fortress Investment Group, Softbank will not be involved in any of the company’s operations. This is because to overcome regulatory hurdles, Softbank had to agree to let Fortress keep managing numerous assets.

By acquiring Fortress, Softbank is achieving its goal of setting up a structure conducive to essential investment activities. Fortress, on the other hand, will gain access to many new partners in Asia in addition to not being publicly traded.

How Is PSI-Pay Influencing The Financial Industry Trends

Most companies offering financial services have embraced technology to provide simple analytic reports and also to improve their services in a more efficient way. Some of the companies in the financial technology have developed mobile apps that enable clients to perform transactions in restaurants and shops efficiently. Banks have also proved more welcoming to digital financial solutions that continue to phase out the traditional payment practices.


One of the notable companies that have adopted financial technology is PSI-Pay, the world’s leading payment Solutions Company based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2007, PSI Pay has come a long way into becoming one of the most prestigious players in the European Fintech industry. Its success has seen it gain the licensing to offer debit cards and prepaid cards and other electronic payment methods across 173 countries.


Contactless payments

PSI-Pay is also a member of the MasterCard since 2009 and has been offering MasterCard services in the European Union. Recently, PSI-Pay joined hands with K Wearable and developed a contactless payment ring. The ring enables its users to make payments in Europe and the UK by directing the ring to the card readers that accept MasterCard contactless payments.


The company’s managing director, Phil Davies, and has played a crucial role in ensuring the company remains relevant and profitable in the Fintech industry. Before joining PSI-Pay, he juggled between his mechanical engineering profession and other positions in the financial sector for close to two decades.


Reshaped customer experience

When he took over as the MD, he worked relentlessly to reshape the company rejuvenate the customer experience. He has also worked hard to ensure a comfortable workplace that guarantees employees flexible working hours and other benefits. Under his leadership, the company has recorded tremendous growth and success.


According to Phil, the company outdid itself and exceeded customer expectations with the launch of the contactless ring payments. He, however, goes on to promises to introduce even more revolutionary payment processing solutions and even more solid security systems for the payment apps, debit and credit cards. His company is also believed to be testing the use of artificial intelligence and big data analytics on their platforms in a bid to come up with better solutions for some of the common challenges facing the digital payment structures.