Guilherme Paulus : The Self-Made Man Behind Brazil’s Expansive Tourism Growth

The name Guilherme Paulus is already a renowned name in the field of Brazil’s rich tourism industry. It might not even be enough to list here all of the attributes that make Guilherme Paulus a role model in the business sector of the country. With a recent Forbes Billionaire’s ranking no. of $1.1B last 2013, it’s not hard to imagine that Brazil really has been transformed with the way Guilherme Paulus changed the rules of the game in the country’s tourism operations.

This expertise to transform the business sector of Brazil comes from Paulus’ tour operator that he founded, which is called CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. He was only 24 years old when he started the company. Since then, the company has now grown to be one of the most outstanding tour operators in the country, which is now co-owned by Carlyle Group, who bought 63.6% percentage of Guilherme Paulus’ firm. After such venture, Paulus also founded in 2005 the GJP Hotels and Resorts, which is a network of hotels covering over 15 hotels and resorts spread all over Brazil. He is also now planning to expand his ventures at the center of the airport area in the country. Connect with Guilherme Paulus by visiting his linkedin acount.

A good profile about Paulus that may be interesting to recap is the one from It is there that people can trace the life story of Guilherme Paulus, his success, the challenges he faced while running his previous projects and the vision that he has for his current firm. It is also revealed in the article that Paulus is engaged with various social responsibility projects, which includes the PIET Project. This social work initiative helps train young people to build a career in tourism. These young people come from marginalized areas in Brazil and would greatly benefit from the help that Paulus offers.

Another project that Paulus supports is the Dr. Klaide Care and Education Institution, which helps low-income families with all their medical, school and psychological care needs. Paulus also supports the school’s effort to give these children vocational courses. Such holistic support gives these children the sustainable help that they completely need. Read more:



GoBuySide At the Front of New Trends In Finance and Investment Recruiting

There is a new era when it comes to hiring and recruiting in the investment management industry in New York. GoBuySide is at the front of this new trend, and they are contributing greatly to the ever changing landscape that exists in that industry. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

There is also a trend towards less centralization. What this means is that there are many people who are working from home or from other areas using remote methods. GoBuySide is tapping into this trend in order to bring companies highly qualified and talented individuals who will be able to do wonders for their company.

In the investment management and finance industries, you need to find someone who has the exact qualifications for the job. GoBuySide is able to find you these people by doing a deep search in various areas, including areas on the internet. They will first do a complete evaluation of the job position that you are trying to fill. This way, they will be able to know what kind of person you are looking for.


Then, they will tap into their database of highly qualified individuals. This database is compiled from people that they have found all over the world. If you are looking for someone in New York, they will be able to find you someone in New York or someone who is willing to come down to New York to do the job for you.

The benefits of highly specialized research over research that is not specialized are many. One of the main benefits is that you are going to find someone who is better qualified for the job position. In other words, you are going to find someone who is a much better fit. This way, you are going to be more productive. Your company will be able to grow at a much faster rate, due to the fact that you have a highly qualified team of people who are skilled at what they do. In fact, hiring a general recruitment agency if you are in the finance or investment management industry is probably not such a good idea. You will probably have a much harder time finally finding someone. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

Southridge Capital’s Mission is to Help with Financial Issues

Southridge Capital is a brilliant firm that has helped thousands of people with financial solutions. The company is glad to achieve this goal because it was the reason for starting the company. Many people accumulate wealth, but they lack knowledge of managing it. Southridge Capital may be in Connecticut but has managed to reach the majority of the people requiring their services.

One of the services that have benefited people is debt management. Dealing with this problem can be overwhelming for an individual. In some instances, debts have ruined people’s lives because they did not know how to handle them. Southridge has lifted this burden to all clients who came seeking for a solution. Other services include managing investments, asset and wealth management, loan facilities among other needs clients may have. For more details visit LinkedIn.

The greatest strength of professionals at Southridge Capital is customizing solutions for clients. There are no one-solution-fits-all financial issues. The organization is a flexible entity that caters to its diverse clients. No one is more important than the rest. Every customer is important and valuable to the firm. Despite the issue, Southridge assures clients that there is a way forward.

Since 1996, Southridge has grown and achieved many accomplishments under the leadership of capable leaders. Currently, Stephen Hicks is the chairman and CEO of the company. He heads a team of experts and professionals that have made the company come this far. The team comprises of creative and innovative people who can devise strategies and plans for clients. You can visit their website


Financial management can be a lifetime exercise for some people. That is why Southridge Capital values its relationship with clients. Some clients have been with the organization for numerous years because of the excellent customer service at the organization. Employees at this firm are always there to serve the clients and answer their questions. Every client who walks in Southridge is almost assured that the firm will exceed the expectation. The many years of rich experience have made Southridge Capital a competent financial firm. You can trust the company with your wealth and be guaranteed that they will do the best for you.


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Clayton Hutson Brings it all Together

With years of experience under his belt as a road manager, Clayton Hutson decided to start his own stage production management company.
Hutson knows his way around a venue. He is often the first person there in the morning from his crew, waking up by 6:30 each day to get where he needs to be each day. He checks the building out, sees the loading area and the stage and looks at everything from where the audience will see it from. Then he comes up with his game plan.
He organizes each venue and performer to their unique qualities. He assigns his crew- which he knows very well- to the tasks he feels they will be best at. He measures the doors before his crew brings anything in, making sure they know what comes in the door first and what can wait. It all comes together like a puzzle but the only picture is in Hutson’s head.
With a Theater Design Bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University as well as Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan’s Stephen Ross School of Business Hutson is the perfect guy to take over stage setup and tear-down as well as run a successful enterprise. His company has worked with some major names such as P!nk, Guns N’ Roses, Garbage, Kid Rock and most recently on Halsey’s 2018 world tour.
Clayton Hutson attributes his success to loving what he does as well as well as his approaches to business and people in general. His passion for stage shows has always been evident as he studied it in college and worked in the field before starting his own company.
His approach to people is a little more open-minded than many business-people. He sees everyone as having a use, you just have to find it. If they can bring the passion then he can find them something to do. He is willing to work with “difficult” people more readily than most because he recognizes the value of people.
Hutson also knows how to organize. He has to since he has to take a pile of wires, lights and other gear and turn them into a coherent, unique show every night. He thinks three steps ahead and trusts his own inner vision to bring together the technical needs of the show and the creative expression of the artist with enjoyment for the crowd.

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Jeff Yastine and Ted Bauman Guiding Investors through Daily Financial Newsletters

Jeff Yastine and Ted Bauman Guiding Investors through Daily Financial Newsletters

There is no better way to change peoples’ lives than providing them with the right information. The internet is the source of information today, but there are many professionals out there who have changed the lives of many people. This is more practical especially when it comes to individuals looking for financial information. Jeff Yastine is one of these professionals who has been an inspiration and source of information regarding finances.

Jeff Yastine is the editor of Total Wealth Insider, an exceptional newsletter that has been providing readers with new approaches to wealth creation. Readers don’t have to move from one financial institution to gather investment ideas or get ripped off by unpitying financial policies. As a trained and experienced financial journalist, Jeff has been able to uncover many big financial stories that have changed readers’ mindsets.

With more than 20 years in the financial markets, Jeff has been an inspiration. He has learned investment secrets from interacting with experienced and widely recognized business magnates worldwide. Jeff Yastine has been a weekly contributor of the Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily. Through his work, he has been able to provide readers and more so investors with essential finance information.

Jeff Yastine has helped many people understand economic and financial developments in the world and their surroundings as well as be able to identify investment opportunities. Jeff has been a sturdy pillar of support for small-scale investors and large companies that are struggling to rank among the best. He has influenced and urged investors to go for big turnarounds in agriculture, biopharmaceutical and development sectors. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

Why Jeff Has Shined in His Field

It has not been a smooth journey to success and recognition for Jeff Yastine. Like any other author, investor, and mentor, Jeff has endured many demanding endeavors to be at the top. He is a graduate from the University of Florida and pursued Bachelor of Arts, Telecommunications where he specialized in electronic journalism.

Besides working as the editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing, he also served as the director of financial newsletters at Newsmax Media Inc. Jeff has also worked at The Oxford Club LLC as the editorial director and as a senior correspondent at Nightly Business Report. You can connect with Mr. Yastine via LinkedIn and other platforms. Visit:



Ted Bauman Teaches Us How to Minimize Our Investment Risks With Stocks and Bonds

Worried about a market crash? You should not be! With these tips from Ted Bauman, you should be fully prepared for when the market crashes. Just follow this advice and you will be facing less of a risk when disaster strikes.

The first step, according to Ted Bauman, is creating a wall around your investment portfolio. While that may sound like some sort of fancy language, in reality it is just another way of saying that you need a defensive strategy for investing. There are people who try to make huge gains in a very short amount of time. Many of these people end up losing a lot of money. The correct way to go about investing is to focus on long term gains. Remember that as long as you protect your assets from any significant losses, you will be better off in the long run because your original money will still be there, in addition to any gains that you may have made. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn.

Ted Bauman says that you should also consider investing in bonds. Not a lot of people are investing in bonds. Bonds are great investments, as they give you a monthly payoff. However, the real reason to invest in bonds is that they will not turn their backs on you if the stock market crashes. The funny thing is that stocks can lose fifty percent of their value in just a few days or even less. However, when it comes to bonds, they will not lose so much of their value. They are a much safer investment than stocks.

Ted Bauman recommends that you invest in both stocks and bonds. It is always a good idea to diversify your income. Diversifying your income will give you the best chance towards achieving financial stability while creating wealth at the same time. Your stocks will give you the opportunity to experience new growth, while at the same time, your bonds will make sure that you are not going to go underwater if the stock market crashes. Always look for ways to solidify your financial situation by making it more stable. Read more: