Lime Crime Brings You The Latest In Spring Cosmetic Trends

Popular cosmetic brand Lime Crime is always an industry leader when it comes to the latest looks and trends in the world of makeup. Spring of 2018 is no exception, with the company releasing an extensive lineup of products and shades that will keep you looking your best and most fashionable all season long. If that wasn’t enough, they have also identified some of the hottest looks out there to help you decide what looks the best on you.

Like almost every other year, long lashes are one of the most desired looks out there right now. Lime Crime not only offers a wide variety of products like mascara that can help you accentuate the lashes you do have, they also have a product that can help your actual eyelashes grow and become the lush and lengthy lashes you’ve always desired. The product, Biotin, can help your lashes grow to unprecedented lengths if you follow the directions. Not only that, it can also help your nails become stronger, and even help your hair grow faster. Who needs mascara with a product like that?

The next trend is definitely not as traditional as long eyelashes, and that is wearing a little bit of neon color this spring. Yes, that’s right, the bold and beautiful neon family of colors is one of this springs most popular accessory colors. Neon is extremely bright, so remember that a little goes a long way. Lime Crime offers an extensive lineup of neon colors in a variety of products. If you’re just looking to dip your toe into the neon waters, take a look at their Venus 2 eyeshadow pallet. While it features some traditional colors, it also comes with a brilliant neon blue that will make your eyes pop with color.

Do not let the latest looks and trends pass you by this spring. Keep up to date with the latest in products and colors by following Lime Crime’s fantastic advice. You can get the most sought-after cosmetic trends and a product at the same time. Afterall, saving yourself time and money will always be in style.