Retired Brazilian Financial Expert Igor Cornelsen

Born in the South American country of Brazil, Igor Cornelsen became one of that area’s top most respected bankers after working in several management positions at some of the nation’s biggest banks, as well as helping manage the country’s gross economy. After his brief career in banking, he went into the field of investing and started a company called Bainbridge Investments, which is based in the Bahamas. Through this business, he helps future investors by teaching them about long-term investment strategies, and giving them advice on the best types of stocks to buy and sell.

The retired banker warns those who are interested in the world of investing not to take chances on firms that are going through financial issues, but advises them to instead invest in declining or damaged stocks that they can sell for a profit. The reason he thinks these types of stocks are a better investment is because they are cheaper to buy and will usually increase in value as the market becomes more stable. Igor Cornelsen is also known for giving financial advice to businesses such as Burger King, which is just one of his many clients that has benefited greatly from his guidance. Visit at about Igor Cornelsen

Two of the things that he encourages potential investors to put their money in are Brazilian banks and the country of China, which is Brazil’s biggest trading partner. He feels that Brazilian banks would be an ideal stock for first time investors because of their growth potential. And he has tips for those who want to invest in his country. These tips include, connecting with the local people in the area to get information on their business experiences, being prepared to experience conditions such as strict regulations and high taxes and developing an understanding of foreign currency and exchange when it comes to making transactions.

Although Igor Cornelsen is retired, he still lends his consulting services to the banking and investing industry. He currently lives in Boca Raton, Florida for most of the year, and in his home country of Brazil for the remainder of the year. He has a social media presence on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linked In, and he spends a great deal of time playing golf.

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Igor Cornelsen: Advises Wisdom in Foreign Market Investing

Igor Cornelsen enjoys a good game of golf and plenty of sunshine. He has also developed personal and professional strategies to minimize risk in foreign market investing, especially as it relates to the country of Brazil. In the recent past, Cornelsen and other like-minded investors, have begun to enjoy the beginning of an economic boon occurring in Brazil as it comes back from an economic depression. The country of China has been noted to have a role in this financial revival occurring in Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen advises three simple principles that take time and effort on the part of investors to implement, even before they deposit any funds into Brazilian property.

– Know the currency restrictions and exchange rates. In Brazil, the Central Bank controls the commercial exchange rate alone; so too, exchange rates are controlled by transaction. Since regulations are in place on business, it is important that the investor be aware of what laws are in place for non-residents as well as specific exchange rates by the Central Bank.

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– Get to know Brazilian business people. Generally, Brazilian citizens are regarded as warm welcoming people. Networking can readily be accomplished when one is genuine with their intentions to glean ideas, opinions, or try an informal focus group. Again, personal time and effort are involved.

– Prepare to deal with bureaucracy. In part, as a result of Brazil undergoing a cycle of economic boon and depression, its government has plenty of regulations in place. These apply to residents wanting to start a new business as well as non-residents wanting to invest in property. Cornelsen advises one to figure out the regulations that must be followed to the letter, and those that may be temporarily avoided. This will help lessen the sense of the insurmountable obstacle.

Cornelsen has been noted to observe, “There is no free money in Brazil.” Thus, study and strategy are well advised to minimize risk.

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