Top Health Care Tips for Men by Life Line Screening

People can improve their well-being only if they understand things that affect their health. For a man to be healthy and free of illnesses, here are some things that they need to understand.

Reducing Continuous Stress

When experiencing stress consistently, the levels of cortisol hormone may increase, weakening the individual’s immune system. Critical thinking may be affected as well as a reduction in energy. To reduce stress, one can, relax, listen to music, meditate, participate in outdoor activities, and also take supplements which provide magnesium, niacin, zinc, and ashwagandha.

Improving Your Sleep

As per studies done, it is recommended that one should have at least 7 hours of sleep every night. But it is also important to note, sleeping for periods beyond 10 hours may cause energy reduction, inhibit cognitive abilities, and increase cortisol production. Habitually sleeping at the same time each night causes synchronization of the circadian rhythm and the creation of extra melatonin by the pituitary gland. This augments the quality of sleeping deeply, which in turn helps induce dreams and prevent insomnia.

Exercising to Increase Cardiovascular Health

Workouts that involve using the whole body, for example, swimming, running, and aerobics could help increase the flow of blood to numerous parts of the body, boost the oxygen levels in the blood, increase dopamine levels generated by the brain, and also excite the thyroid gland. Additionally, exercising consistently reduces levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. Other benefits of exercising include decrease in levels of stress, enhanced cognitive function, and improved motivation.

Optimizing the Level of Testosterone

If an individual has the optimum testosterone concentration, the hormone could boost energy, augment muscle sizes, improve your moods and increase bone density. For optimization of testosterone production, one may need to reduce stress, avoid foods with high sugar levels, reduce excessive alcohol consumption and use of supplements that have zinc.

Life Line Screening Background

Life Line Screening is a Florida based company founded in 1993 and is committed to providing knowledge on health to help people live fuller and healthier lives. It provides reliable and affordable preventive screenings. Life Line believes detecting health problems earlier by the help of doctors will effectively improve the quality of life.

The company specializes in different types of screening including health, diabetes, cholesterol, arterial peripheral disease, heart disease, aortic abdominal aneurysm, atrial fibrillation, carotid artery, and osteoporosis screening. Life Line’s preventive screening health services were launched in 2007 in the UK. Later in 2012, the company under the name Screen for Life started offering their health services in Australia.

Sheldon Lavin: Towards Award-winning Leadership at OSI Group

As the owner, chairman and chief executive officer at OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has overseen phase in the company’s checkered history marked by remarkable success. He has guided all key aspects of the company’s operations on an upward trajectory including global and local presence, partnerships and acquisitions. As a company veteran with decades of experience working at the company, Mr. Lavin fully grasps the company’s operations, which has been critical in his excellent track record. He has excellent grasp of business development and management especially for multinational corporations of OSI Group’s caliber. Over the years, he has drawn from his vast financial banking experience and strong desire and commitment for success to offer astute and efficient leadership at OSI Group.

Award-winning Management and Expansion Strategies

The success of OSI Group within the expansive and highly competitive food Chinese market provides testimony to Sheldon Lavin’s excellent management acumen. Having established its presence in the market over two decades, Mr. Lavin’s has overseen a period of localized global expansion of the company’s operations in China. Using local managers, Mr. Lavin has ensured that all OSI Group’s units are in touch with the local cultures. Further expansion strategies across Asia, Americas and Europe have seen Sheldon Lavin guide the company into partnerships in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. This is in addition to two key acquisitions in the United Kingdom, Germany and Netherlands and opening of new facilities in several cities in the United States. Learn more about Sheldon Lavin:

Sheldon Lavin’s efforts at OSI Group have feted with several awards across different countries especially where it has established operations. In 2015, OSI group won the Sword of Honor and Globe of Honor awards given by the British Safety Council. It also won the later award in 2013. Individually, Sheldon Lavin has been bestowed with the Lifetime Achievement Award and Excellent Leadership Award given by RSM US LLP and India’s Vision Academy, respectively.

His LinkedIn Profile:

Dick and Betsy DeVos The Renown Philanthropists

Among the highest philanthropists n America are Dick and Betsy DeVos. The couple has faced much criticism for their giving in political courses. However, the fact is that they give more in charitable courses than in political agendas; in fact, the latter is just pocket change in comparison to the former. Dick and Betsy’s giving is more genetic than showy. The two came from family backgrounds where parents were big givers. Rich DeVos, Dick’s dad, was named among the highest donors in America’s Forbes’ list, as he and his family gave a total of $104 million in charitable donations in 2015. The same applies to Edgar Prince, Betsy’s dad, who was a great industrialist and philanthropist in Holland. Based on this, it’s clear that the couple gives more out of family legacy than for any other reason.

Dick and Betsy’s say that they mainly give to reform situations in America. One of their greatest interests is education because they feel that the traditional public system has failed to address the needs of many students. In Dick’s words, the system fails to help people attain the American Dream. The couple gives to Charter and Voucher schools that are more transformational than the old regime. They also posit that most people have decided to join the new type of schools since they offer better results than public schools.

In a recent interview, Betsy DeVos said that she had given $6 million in political courses in the last six years and $11. 6 Million in one year alone to charitable courses. The above statistics made it clear that she is more given to charity than to politics. Most of her giving is also related to educational courses.

Dick DeVos Work History

Dick DeVos is the oldest son of Richard DeVos, who co-founded Amway Corporation with Van Andel. DeVos began his career in the Amway Corporation back in 1974 where he held many positions at different levels. After ten years of working in the corporation, Dick was promoted to the post of Vice President of the company’s operations in 18 countries. Rich DeVos understood that this would give the son the necessary experience to run the family business. In 1989, Dick left Amway to launch his own company called Windquest Group, a company that dealt with the innovations in manufacturing, technology, and energy solutions.

Later in 1991, Dick was appointed to be the manager of the Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise’s National Basket Association. However, Dick remained active in the leadership of Windquest. In 1993, Dick returned to Amway as the company president after the father retired from the position. He also was the overseer of the corporation’s restructuring whereby Alticor Corporation was created. Alticor became an umbrella body that compromised Access Business Group, Alticor, and Amway. Consequently, the company now reached over 50 countries in 6 continents.


Get to know Arthur Becker in 3 minutes

Becker is right now in Madison Partners, LLC administration group. An organization that concentrates on early stage Bio Tech endeavors and real estate. Before that, he was the CEO of Zinio, LLC the world biggest computerized stand. Arthur Becker has likewise worked for NaviSite; a NASDAQ organization offered hosting services, web administrations, and colocation to business in the UK and US in 2002-2010. NaviSite had workplaces in India, UK, and the US and offered cloud-based application management and data hosting services to the enterprise market.

According to Arthur, the idea of Madison Partners LLC came from his interest in real estate and technology while at NaviSite and ZINIO. After selling NaviSite in 2011, he decided to venture into his property interests by investing in a condominium development in Miami, New York, and Florida. He adds that he has been fascinated by the numerous opportunities in the biotech and the chance to make a significant change in humanity.

On how he brings his ideas to life, Arthur says he is most effective when working with individuals that he respects in both technology and real estate. He says it is fascinating to be a realtor. There are different stages of development – from the design, entitlements financing to the actual constructions.

On the trend that excites him, he says many trends excite him in the biotech world. He mentions cancer treatment as one of them

One habit that makes Arthur productive as an entrepreneur

Arthur Becker says that one of his biggest challenges is balancing the drive and passion with critical thinking. He says that his ability to assist and evaluate the growth of management talent is what has made him successful. He adds that listening to colleagues, having a flexible strategy and intelligent and informed tenacity are crucial for business people.

According to The Real Deal, on one approach that has helped him grow his business, Arthur says he has always had a plan that reflects the business vertical. A strategy that recognizes talent has been key too. He says that persuading talented people to share your vision can be tough so you have to know how to identify talent.


Livio Bisterzo, Hippeas CEO

Livio Bisterzo is the founder and CEO of Green Park Brands Inc. He founded this company back in April of 2015. He started his entrepreneurial adventures in college, but found his calling with his company Green Park Brands Inc. This company creates healthy and nutritional foods that are rapidly growing within the health food network. Their focus is to make items that are better for you.

Livio is an Italian entrepreneur that began his entrepreneurial work in 2013 when he created an events business. He eventually partnered with RNA Corporation to create a skincare line for men’s grooming. Even though the line was successful, Livio Bisterzo left the business in 2010 to invest in a start-up beverage business called Little Miracles. The beverage was a hit and grew rapidly while winning several awards.

After relocating his family to Los Angeles Bisterzo founded Green Park Holdings in 2015. Green Park’s first brand is called Hippeas. This came out in April 2016 and is a range of organic chickpea puffs. These organic snacks were inspired by the original hippie era, but updated to appeal to the health-conscious millennial consumers. The brand is meant to taste good and be good for you. They also have a mantra of ‘Peas Love & Giving Back’. This is meant to appeal to the millennials and let them know that for every pack that is sold they will be giving to the farmers of Eastern Africa. They are trying to help these farmers grow themselves out of poverty.

Bisterzo is considered a serial entrepreneur. He has helped create several companies and left them to go create more companies. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three children. Before all of his success, Bisterzo studied at the University of the Arts in London. After founding an events business, he created a business portfolio that had everything from hospitality work to consumer brands. Bisterzo seems to have always known what he was meant to do.

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Kim Dao Talks about her Departure from Japan

Australian YouTube personality Kim Dao recently posted a new video in which she talks about her plans to move back to Australia after more than a year in Japan. The YouTube video blogger had always wanted to live in Japan and says that moving there was a fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Although Kim Dao says she will miss Japan, she explains that it was never her intention to stay there forever. Learn more:


Kim Dao will be spending a few weeks in Australia before traveling to South Korea and later visiting her family in Europe. According to Kim, she needs to unwind a little bit at home before flying from Australia to Denmark, where her family lives. However, she will need to return to Korea in the middle of her visit to Europe for a project she is undertaking with the South Korean government. Kim Dao is extremely excited about this professional opportunity even though it will mean a lot of air travel back and forth. Learn more:


Kim Dao plans on spending seven weeks in Europe. In addition to Denmark, Kim Dao will be visiting Italy, Germany, and England, although she is optimistic that she will be able to fit in other countries into her itinerary. Upon returning from Europe, she will need to travel to Korea one more time to tie up some loose ends, and then she will be returning to Australia for good. Kim Dao is looking forward to her trip, but is also happy that she is moving back to Australia. Learn more:


Eva Moskowitz: Education Giant

Eva Moskowitz is one of the most respected educational organizers in the United States. Through her founding of the Success Academy Charter Schools, she has been instrumental in many children in the New York City area receiving a top quality education.


Throughout her early life, Eva Moskowitz was always interested in education. She was raised in the Columbia University neighborhood of Manhattan and graduated from Stuyvesant High School. She then went on to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. It was at Penn that Eva Moskowitz’s writing was criticized by a professor which would become a catalyst for her later emphasis on writing as part of Success Academy’s curriculum.


After Penn, Eva Moskowitz graduated from Johns Hopkins with a PHD in History. After an early career in teaching, Moskowitz went on to found Success Academy Charter Schools. Through this school, she has allowed access to charter schools for many in New York City.


A pioneer in education, Eva Moskowitz has used her position to implement some of her educational ideals. She has used the model of raising intellectual standards so that students at her school will raise their standards. Also, she has argued for the role of charter schools in the innovation of education, due to the fact that charter schools put the customers, which are the students, first.


Along with being an educator, Eva Moskowitz also had a political career in which she ran for Borough President and sat on the city council. She has announced her candidacy for mayor of New York City for 2017.


With an inspirational career as an educator and future that could involve being the mayor of New York, Eva Moskowitz has established herself as one of New York City’s most influential citizens. It is certain that she will be in the public eye for years to come.