5 Black-Oriented Movies From Incredible To Awful


The Color Purple


This tremendous adaptation of the best-selling Alice Walker novel won the Golden Globe award for Best Drama of 1985. Celia is a young woman who comes of age under an umbrella of horrible bigotry and abuse. She dreams of one day returning to her heritage lands in Africa to be reunited with her sister, but lives a life of unimaginable tragedy. The magical cast includes Whoopie Goldberg, Danny Glover, and Oprah Winfrey.  One of the best black movies of all time.




This is a historically accurate ancient war movie retelling of the Battle of Fort Wagner during the American Civil War. It featured the formation and rough exploits of the 54th Massachusetts Voluntary Infantry, the first African-American regiment officially recognized by the US. Brilliant roles played by Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Jihmi Kennedy, and Andre Braugher highlight one of the proudest moments in Black, or any other people’s histories.


Diary of a Mad Black Woman


Tyler Perry’s stage-to-screen magnum opus introduced the world to Madea, an eccentric and humor-filled grandmother who possesses a penchant for discipline and family values. Her “chirens” are the light of her life, but they drive her crazy. The movie has a few weak and patronizing moments, but remains unique in the library of black cast movies.




This unsuccessful collision of a classic genie tale and 90s “gangsta” life features Shaq in his prime—for basketball, that is. A young boy is faced with the decision to join a gang, or make steps to locating is absent father. Instead of growing into a culturally pertinent adventure, the movie quickly takes a u-turn into a painfully awkward hip-hop flop.  As far as 90s teen movies go, this was as bad as it gets.


Pootie Tang


This movie is definitely one of the most uninteresting, and box office refund-worthy, black comedy experiments that should have been scrapped. Chris Rock attempts to morph one of his forgotten HBO comedy roles into a legitimate super hero movie. From opening to closing credits, the film is nothing more than political rants, raunchy quips, unintelligible one-liners, and pervasive examples of the worst urban black culture behavior.

Tony Petrello Heads Up Industry Specific Organization Viewed–by Experts–of Attaining Gain

Many industry analysts and stock experts are predicting that Nabors Industries will do well this year. One very good reason, that Nabors Industries stock is bound to climb a bit, is due to the extra-ordinary strategy provided by Anthony Petrello. His stratagem is what guarantees results are forthcoming: and assures that Nabors Industries, Ltd., moves reasonably forward now and in the years to come.

He assures stakeholder dividends are delivered by leveraging services. He makes certain, product technology, and upgrades, remain second-to-none. The preceding is obviously required, due to trends within the growth of the economy. Nabors Industries, Ltd., is predicted, by industry analysts, to continue to lead; and provide a far superior financial position than other similar companies, within the oil and gas industry.

Tony Petrello is quite, apt, in the way of decision-making. He acquired a favorable Ivy League education; and has worked at an international legal firm, and Nabors Industries., Ltd.

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He leverages services, by working with other oil and gas company service providers. His ideology is to assure a high standard of excellence, at a reasonable price, for the client.

His boundless leadership skill is due to his academic training at the Harvard Law School. He additionally was Managing Partner of Baker McKenzie. He is Director of several companies, part of the oil and gas industries. He makes use of a dynamic track record in order to assure that Nabors Industries, Ltd., customers and shareholders, worldwide, receive the best in associative value. The preceding is what sets Nabors Industries, Ltd., apart, from other similar oil and gas services and equipment providers.

The Growth of Todd Lubar in the Mortgage Banking Sector

Todd Lubar is currently the President and CEO of TDL Global Ventures, http://richardpreisigjr.blogspot.com/2014/05/todd-lubar-person-president-tdl-global.html , a company that aims to help develop other startup companies. He also serves as the senior vice president of Legendary Investments. Todd always had a desire to help others and a passion for real estate. Therefore, he embarked on a lifelong career in the industry in 1995.

Todd’s initial venture into business saw his serve as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, where he learned different Mortgage banking models. Additionally, he spent his time in developing affiliations with CPA’s and financial planners.

The Career History of Todd Lubar

In 1999, Todd Lubar got an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. The position gave him a chance to expand his lending capabilities such as brokering loans to external investors and lending as a direct Mortgage bank.

In 2002, Todd upgraded his real estate company and opened Legendary Properties LLC, a residential development firm. The above establishment facilitated a fast progression of purchasing and profiting on over 200 transactions that range between single-family dwellings to multi-family properties. According to Linked In, this further enabled him to develop relationships with individuals in the real estate sector, which was necessary to provide quality products.

In 2003, Todd opened Charter Funding, a branch of First Magnus Financial Corporation. His experiences in the Mortgage Banking Industry enabled him to expand his real estate business since he had access to various products and programs.

Legendary Financial LLC

Todd observed the real estate market for more than 12 years. He was responsible for assessing the underserved clients in Legendary Property LLC. As a result, he established Legendary Financial LLC, which is an affiliate of Legendary Property LLC, a commercial lender for companies and individuals.

Before Todd started Legendary Financial LLC, he used his money, alongside Legendary Properties liquidity, to assist borrowers who had been ignored by traditional lending sources. However, his involvement in more than 7,000 transactions (http://www.toddlubar.com/links/ ) has given him a chance to improve his ability to analyze risks that are associated with loans.

Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall, A Hub For Family Entertainment

Robert Santiago is a man who has redefined the standard of family fun in Brazil. At the ripe age of fifty-eight, Robert Santiago is the founder of the Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall. The mall is centrally located in João Pessoa, Brazil and has become the hub for families to go to and spend some quality time. The mall is one of the biggest in the area and is equipped with some various facilities where one can spend their time.

Opening their doors in 2011, the Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall believes in being the number one option for good family time entertainment. The mall is mixed with some of the best and world-class entertainment and shops to ensure that no customer is ever bored at the mall. The mall has some exquisite features, making the Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall one of the most iconic malls in all of Brazil.

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Within the mall, customers have access to a wide range of shops ranging from big brands to local artisans. The mall is bound to have something for everyone, no matter what style of fashion they are into. Be it shopping for the latest trends in fashion to the newest electronics; the shops are guaranteed to make you feel like you are walking in a shopper’s paradise.

The Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall strives to be the number one destination for fun and entertainment. The mall offers some of the best entertainment facilities guaranteed to keep one occupied for hours. The mall has a state of the art bowling alley where customers can enjoy some good old fashioned family fun. The mall also doubles as a mini amusement park offering kids, and adults the thrill and fun of an amusement park. The mall even has a rollercoaster within the premises to fully captivate your experience.

The mall also offers some of the widest range of eating option guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. With a broad variety of cuisines and restaurants to choose from, the mall ensures that everyone can find their favorite food under one place. Also, the mall also has an exclusive Gourmet Space offering customers some of the best fine dining experiences. Patrons of this space can sit down and enjoy a drink and unwind in this beautiful area.

A mall would be incomplete without a movie theatre, and the Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall has one of the best ones around. With eleven screens and exclusive VIP seats, the Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall offers an all around brilliant theatre experience.