Wen by Chaz: Natural haircare that works

Located in Hollywood, CA, WEN By Chaz is a haircare company and salon owned by Chaz Dean(http://chazdean.com/). After working in a salon in Bel Air, and later owning it, Chaz decided to start his own company. Wen By Chaz was born. The salon quickly became a spot for celebrities to get away from the paparazzi, and have a relaxing hair care experience. Soon after, Chaz began selling his products online, and became known internationally. The most well known product is the no lather shampoo and conditioner combo, that contains no harsh chemicals.

Some women find that they have dry, burnt or damaged hair from using heat or coloring their hair too much. Using a treatment product like the WEN re moist intensive hair Treatment, damaged hair can become healthy again. Shea butter helps to soften and nourish the hair, while sweet almond oil helps to moisturize. Depending the on the product or condition of the hair, the frequency of use will change. Most products require weekly use. A small amount should be placed in the hand. The rule of thumb is typically about a nickel sized amount per side. After the product is rubbed in the hands, the user should run it through damp hair (some products may require in-shower use, or use on dry hair). The person should then brush through their hair to make sure the product is evenly distributed. It is important to follow the directions of the specific hair-healing product. If it is used to often, the hair may be become greasy and oily. If it is not used enough, the the product will not work. After several uses of a high quality product, the hair will be silky, nourished and healthy. Visit wen.com for more information. Check out the product gallery on Facebook.


Jason Halpern & The Success of JMH Real Estate Development

Real Estate is one of the most popular and profitable industries today. Being such a universal field, real estate developers are used all over the world building homes, buildings, hotels, businesses, etc. Have you ever heard of Jason Halpern? If you haven’t heard the just know that this guy is a managing partner and founder for one of the best real estate development firms in the nation. JMH Development is the name and creating works of art is the game. JMH Development specializes in innovative luxurious properties such as commercial and residential projects. This is a family owned business with more than 50 years of experience in the game. Jason Halpern is a third generation developer who has been around the industry for years, which has helped him build a firm structure to work with.

This exclusive firm has done projects all across the nation especially on the East Coast in affluent markets such as Miami Beach, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and other areas. One of his most recent projects was the Aloft South Beach Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. Being more of an historic area, JMH preserved it’s beautiful art deco architecture and classic brick walls. This hotel is huge and has 235 rooms, gym training facility, conference room, bars, and a really great view.

Another great reason that sets Halpern apart from his peers is that he has a firm knowledge base of historic/classical area. He definitely does his homework before starting a project and his resume is a true testament of his success. After later being The Gates Hotel South Beach Hotel, (JMH) sold the property for $105 Million to Rockpoint Group Real Estate Company.

jason halpern

Halpern and JMH Development has a long successful resume of building in and around historic sites which has given him the “keys to the city” in-a-sense. Halpern also does things by the book by studying the craft from due diligence, building design, construction, and strategy. Jason, His Family, and JMH Development play a huge role in their very own community as well by sponsoring charities, giving donations, and hosting events. The firm has donated over $20,000 to help finance water schemes in Ethiopia as well as Nepal. You won’t find too many other individuals or real estate firms willing to go that extra mile to help others and this is why the guy is in a class of his own. The future looks pretty good for JHM Development and with Jason Halpern steering the ship, this firm will continue to excel well into the future.

jason halpern

The Advantages Of Investing With Igor Cornelsen

The advantages of investing in today’s markets are numerous. People who invest in today’s market are assured of being part of a worldwide group of investors devoted to creating a world that is all about creating capital and seeing in expand in every possible way. Those who choose to invest in this world know that they must be aware of which particular choices are right for them. This is why so many people have turned to professionals for help when trying to understand the world of investing better. An investment on Lulu.com in the right place can help anyone make sure that they have enough money when they plan to retire. A well chosen investment portfolio can even offer investors the kind of help they need to possibly seek early retirement.

The Best Possible Help

When looking for useful advice in the market, many investors have found it ideal to work with someone like Igor Cornelsen. Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian national and a long term investment professional with many years of experience in the field both in his home nation and in other parts of the world as well. Cornelsen has been heavily involved in the world of banking in his own nation. As a result, he has been able to see the world of investment on icrowdnewswire.com up close and learn how best to use it well. He knows just how easy it can be to locate investment opportunities for those who know where to look for them.

Read more: Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking

Many Years Of Expertise

Many years of expertise in this field have allowed to him to know how it is possible to spot both local and international opportunities of all kinds. The hard work of Igor Cornelsen has been about offering Brazilians access to capital so they can use it for many important projects such as the creation of banks in his native land. As such, Igor Cornelsen can offer important investment tips that people can follow without a problem. He reminds people that investments mean taking risks. His aim is to help them avoid such risks and yet still find a high rate of return.

The Life of Serial Entrepreneur Bradley Reifler

Bradley “Brad” Reifler is an American entrepreneur. He is best known as the founder of Forefront Capital Markets Management, LLC and has served as its chief executive officer since 2009. He is a founder of Forefront Advisory and serves as a partner at CIFCO International Group. In 1982, Bradley Reifler founded Reifler Trading Corporation ten founded Reifler Capital Management in 1992. In 1995 he founded Pali Capital, Inc and served as its chief executive officer and chairman till 2008. As the leader at Pali Capital, the firm managed to achieve annual revenues of over $200 million and expanded to Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Latin America. He was in charge of Refco Inc’s Institutional Sales Desk where his duties included: the creation of investment programs which would suit wealthy individuals, foreign exchange, and execution of global derivatives.

Brad Reifler is the director at Symmetry Property Development, LLC. He has also served on various boards and advisory councils, some of which are; Foresight Research Solution, the European American Investment Bank, and Genesis Securities. Brad Reifler is the Director of ITG Market Research Inc, ITG Investment Research Inc, and ROOT Exchange. For the past three years, he has acted as an independent manager of Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp. Bradley Reifler served as the Director of the Wins Finance Holdings Inc., for nearly a year (October 2015 to March 2016). Brad Reifler is one of the trustees of Millbrook School and serves as the chairman of the finance committee. He attended Bowdoin College from 1977-1981 where he earned a Bachelors’ Degree in Economics. He holds regulatory licenses, which include series 3, 7, 24 and 63.

Many companies have managed to achieve their financial goals by the help of Bradley’s leadership and experience. One of the brilliant initiatives introduced by Forefront Capital in 2014 was the Forefront Income Trust. Bradley Reifler decided to launch the program with the intention of helping non-accredited investors. Previously, the firm had been making deals with accredited investors who made around $200, 000 annually and were valued at least a million dollars. Brad Reifler said that they had decided to turn to the non-accredited investors who were overlooked over the years.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Bringing the World Closer together

Recently Allison Roberts,the Vice President of Training and development at Talk Fusion, explained the humanitarian aspect of Bob Reina citing his many contributions. Reina is from Tampa, Florida and just gave $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. This generous contribution makes clear his commitments to helping others and his personal wish to see abandoned dogs and cats find loving homes. Reina’s effort to give back to the community is a basis for his business model, and it seems to be working in the 140 countries where Talk Fusion has become a fixture among telecommunication advertising enterprises.

Reina started Talk Fusion in 2007 with a strong desire to help his sales associates as they helped Reina develop his business. He has implemented a New Age concern for the less fortunate and especially for the betterment of care for abandoned animals in the areas that Talk Fusion offers its services. Talk Fusion is considered a leader in real-time communication technology and has ably used WebRTC Technology that allows subscribers to communicate with anyone at any time around the world.

Reina began his career as a police officer but wished to improve the lives of others and developed a business whose sales associates would help him grow his business, Talk Fusion, into the force it has become today.

The communications industry has been changing exponentially and at lightening speed. Consider that the advent of the cell phone and the Internet were products of the late years of the twentieth century and today they are used by a major percentage of the world’s population. Bob Reina in no small way is bring this advanced technology to the many corners of the world today. His communication system is bringing people together and making life easier and safer for many.



How the OSI Group has Crossed International Borders

OSI Group is an American company that processes foods and beverages. The firm currently operates in different regions of the world and has based its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group gradually grown since it was established in 1909, and more than 20,000 people currently work for it.

The enterprise has developed excellent knowledge of the products that it offers, and they include pizza, hot dogs, fish, meat patties, vegetable products, and bacon. OSI is privately held, and it has been ranked as the 66th most profitable enterprise in the food and beverage sector. It was also listed among the top 100 companies by the Forbes Magazine.

OSI’s CEO and chairperson is Sheldon Lavin. He has been a noteworthy participant in the growth of the enterprise. Lavin started by working as a finance professional before being hired by the company. His management expertise was recognized by the Vision World Academy, which named him as the Global Visionary Award’s winner. He is known as a hard-working individual, and his input in the company assisted it to grow into a renowned international enterprise. The profits of the business are worth billions of dollars. The Rush University Medical Center has currently employed Sheldon as an overall trustee.

The company has been making acquisitions of late to boost its market and the products that it offers. It plans to buy a Chicago-based food company. The North America branch’s vice president, Kevin Scott, hopes that the acquisition will enable the business to offer a broad variety of products. OSI also bought Baho Foods from the Dutch. The specialization of the enterprise is in processing convenience foods such as deli meats and snacks. The Baho Foods has many customers in Europe and OSI plans to use it in increasing its client base. The COO of the enterprise, David G. McDonalds, believes that Baho will assist it in reaching more customers and increasing its product portfolio.

Baho Foods is based in Netherlands, and it has its other branches in Germany. It comprises of five firms, which are Bakx Foods, Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, Henri van de Bilt, and Gelderland Frischwaren. OSI plans to absorb some of Baho Food’s essential employees such as the MD, John Balvers. The professionals will be critical to ensuring a smooth transition. The company believes that Baho Foods will assist it in satisfying the evolving needs of its clients across the world.

To contact OSI Group, visit their Facebook page.


Julie Zuckerberg: A Luminary in the Recruiting Industry

Most people have little idea how difficult it is to find qualified candidates for highly specialized jobs, but this is what Julie Zuckerberg does day in and day out. Zuckerberg is Executive Talent Acquisition Leader for Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients, Asset Management, and GTO, at Deutsche Bank, where her job is to attract banking professionals of the highest caliber to DB’s North American operations.


Of course, like most people, Zuckerberg did not start at the top. After graduating from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, she went on to New York Law School, where she earned her JD. She thoroughly enjoyed her legal education, and believes that her training in law gives her a significant advantage as a recruiter.


Her first role was at Hudson, one of New York City’s top real estate developers, where she headed up recruitment and HR. She parlayed her experience at the real estate giant into an opportunity to become a recruiter for the banking an financial sector. Zuckerberg continued her work in HR, joining Citi as an executive recruiter, where she revolutionized the company’s recruitment process, bringing it into the twenty-first century. It was at Citi that she honed her skills with complex offer negotiations that serve her well at DB. She spent six year at Citi, eventually becoming Vice President for Executive recruiting.


Prior to talking the helm of the recruiting office at DB, she also worked at the Consumer Bank Division at Citi and New York Life. Just as at DB, at New York Life, she handled the full life-cycle of the recruiting process, and was named Corporate VP. At Deutsche Bank, she was named Vice President of Executive Recruitment. Her responsibilities at Deutsche Bank are complex, from managing the acquisition process to negotiations to training other recruiters. This is no doubt a daunting task. Although the work is challenging, Zuckerberg believes that the key to success is working smarter, not harder. She believes that by honing your skills continually, you will become more productive and accomplish much more in far less time.




DIY Hair Removal Wax using SUGAR

Hey guys, it’s Wengie!


Start with the hard wax. You’ll need two cups of sugar, a quarter cup of lemon juice, and a quarter cup of water. Combine all the ingredients in a pot and bring it to a boil. It’ll get thicker and start to smell so good, like lemon meringue pie. Turn down the heat and simmer it for seven minutes, or until it reaches a caramel color. Then, pour it all into a jar and let it cool down. Make sure that your jar is hot, a cool glass will crack due to the temperature difference. Then leave it to cool.


When it’s cooled down sufficiently, start to mold the hardened syrup, like wax. Then smooth it on to your skin. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. Okay, let’s try something slightly different. Coat a knife with the hot syrup. It’s hot but bearable.


Okay, now let’s compare it to the stripped-free wax. This one here is so much more comfortable. It’s not burning. Wow, it’s like heaven! Oh my gosh, I’m pain-free right now. The burning hurts just as much as when we pulled up the wax strip. Okay, now let’s pull it off. Look, there’s hair, and it didn’t hurt that much.


Next, Wengie try another way. Use one cup of sugar instead of two cups. Combine the sugar with a quarter cup of lemon juice and a quarter cup of water. Bring it to a boil and then let it simmer until it’s a caramelized golden brown color. One minute it’ll be yellow, but the next it’ll turn brown. Pour it into a jar to cool down. Next, apply the paste to your skin. It burns. But, “no pain, no gain.” Let it sit, then pull it off. Unfortunately, it only removed a few hairs.


Okay, now let’s try the store-bought version. The consistency is about the same as what I made before. It doesn’t burn at all. Hopefully, unlike the DIY wax, this one will actually stick to the strip. Now yank it off. Do you see? That’s major hair-removal.


Let’s see if the DIY soft wax will perform. No, it’s not as good.


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