Amazing Film Preparations for the Much Anticipated Lovaganza Celebrations

Lovaganza functions as a well-established entertainment brand that is fully determined to meet its humanitarian mission and objectives. It provides international immersive entertainment with an aim to inspire humanity as a way of creating a new world characterized by peace, unity as well as abundance. Lovaganza has outlined three major events to be held in 2020, 2025 as well as 2030 with an end goal of advocating for abundance, peace and unity among different individuals globally. Recently, the long awaited dates for the upcoming Lovaganza celebrations were officially announced thus a big excitement to all individuals who look forward to attending the celebrations.

The Lovaganza 2020 Celebrations

At the present time, the Lovaganza brand is extremely geared to ensuring the upcoming event in 2020 turns to a big success. Consequently, the brand has been working continuously and tirelessly making early preparations to guarantee that the celebrations take place without hitches or failures. Previously, the Lovaganza celebrations were scheduled to take place in 2015. However, the dates were pushed forward to 2020 in an urgent attempt to ensure the event turns out to be successful and even better. One of the preparations for the 2020 celebrations is the traveling convoy that is anticipated to officially commence early next year.

The Lovaganza Convoy

The trilogy of the Lovaganza Convoy is forestalled to spice up the main Lovaganza’s Bohemian adventure by means of cinema. Individuals will therefore be taken through an unparalleled ride around the world via action, drama, comedy, mystery as well as suspense. Lovaganza looks forward to utilizing the most innovative immerscope technology to display and film its trilogy to an international audience. The preliminary film for the amazing trilogy has already commenced in some parts of the world such as France, Spain and the United States. The trilogy exhibition will take place a few months before the main event. Currently, various trailers have been released and can easily be accessed on the Lovaganza official website. These trailers include the Screen Tests, Lovaganza 2020 Teaser Trailer on Tumblr and the Sunshine Shop among others.


Lovaganza has been receiving enormous interests and debates from various individuals and parties across the globe following the planned 2020 celebrations on The Lovaganza brand consists of two main entities that is; the Lovaganza Foundation and the Lovaganza Entertainment. Lovaganza Entertainment aims at providing global scale entertainment whereas Lovaganza Foundation supports both global and regional initiatives of the Lovaganza brand. Source:

New CEO Comes To Award-Winning San Luis Obispo Assisted Living Facility


The Manse on Marsh, a premier assisted living facility in San Luis Obispo, CA has recently announced the arrival of a new CEO. PRWeb announces that this new CEO is Farron Bernhardt, a man whose been in the assisted living development profession for a long time. He was formerly the vice president of the Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development’s assisted living division, and served on several other development boards prior to that. This San Luis Obispo community he is joining is The Manse on Marsh, the recent recipient of the Caring Star award, given out to senior communities that meet its 5-star review criteria. Bernhardt is honored to be the new leader of the team, and wants to continue the direction that Manse on Marsh has been heading in with its excellent care service.


The Manse on Marsh is a place that many families have come to trust when they need to send elderly loved ones to a new home. Usually seniors come to places like Manse on Marsh if they are physically unable to perform certain daily tasks, or don’t have family members nearby. Probably the most difficult part of this stage in their lives is when they start feeling more isolated or lonely, and when they come to an assisted living center they not only receive physical help, but also become part of a community. They’re able to engage in social activities while at the same time still maintaining a certain level of independence, and usually with the help of kind staff they’re able to adjust to their new surroundings.


The Manse on Marsh works to make sure all tenants are given a place as much like their own home as possible, providing amenities such as cable TV, internet access, housing complete with kitchens, and room service and housekeeping to go along with it. They also employ qualified staff including chefs and cooks to provide some of the finest meals, as well as resident assistants and activities planners to provide structure. Visitors and family members of occupants are always welcome to come visit and stay overnight even, and pets are also given care by the staff. Find them on Google +, and read the in depth interview from Senior Housing.


Helane Morrison Working To Regain Public’s Trust in Market

Helane Morrison has worked in the financial sector in Northern California for years. She has worked both for the SEC and for a private investment firm. She has dedicated her career towards making investing safe and regulated for everyone. Her work has gone a long way towards regaining the trust of the general public when it comes to the market, especially for women and minorities.

Morrison currently sits as the Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners. She has been with the company in this capacity since 2007. Hall Capital Partners is a completely female run investment company. It is also one of the most successful investment companies in the state of California. Morrison joined the company in 2007 as a reaction to the housing market crash. She wanted to be a catalyst for a movement that helped instill trust in the market again for investors in Northern California.

Before joining forces with Hall Capital Partners, Morrison worked to help develop and enforce regulations for the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco. She was the head of the office in the city for 8 years. This office was the headquarters for the SEC in the state of California and 5 other states in the Northwest. Her role with the SEC was primarily enforcing trade regulations. This knowledge led her to move to the private sector as the Director of Hall Capital Partners.

Morrison has always believed in the market. Even after its crash in 2007 she wanted to make sure that the public still had trust for financial and investment professionals. She knew that she could be most effective towards this mission if she worked in the private sector. This, and the commitment to hiring women are what drew her towards Hall Capital Group. On top of her experience, Helane Morrison also has an impressive resume in education. She has a degree in journalism from Northwestern and a law degree from the University of California at Berkley.

Helane Morrison built her career finding and prosecuting those that using predatory or illegal practices when it came to investing. This is especially true during the crash of 2007. This crash was a result of some of the most corrupt practices in lending in history. Morrison was at the forefront of fighting these practices both in the courts and publicly. She always fought for the common man when it comes to the financial sector. This is why she is trusted as the leader of an investment company.



Michael Zomber Shares His Love of Antique Arms and Armor


Michael Zomber, a recognized authority on Japanese samurai swords and collector of antique arms and armor for over forty years has shared his vast amount of experience and knowledge in many ways. With an American audience, Michael has been a guest historian on the History Channel’s Tales of the Gun series. He’s also written over a dozen screenplays and plenty of historical novels.

In the History Channel’s “Guns of The Orient,” Michael Zomber displayed his expertise by talking about the many varied guns that were used by the Turks or originated there. In “Million Dollar Guns,” he educated the public by explaining the different factors that go into pricing an antique gun and went further by providing detailed information on specific guns that are worth over a million dollars. In “Dueling Guns,” another History Channel favorite, Michael shared his knowledge of wheel lock pistols and flint lock pistols that were used as dueling pistols.


By nature, Michael Zomber is a storyteller, and his bachelor’s degree with honors in English Literature as well as his master’s degree in English Literature from UCLA has served him well. Produced with his wife and their company; Renascent Films LLC., his critically acclaimed documentary film, “Soul of the Samurai,” combined the talents of historians, Samurai masters, and artists. In that film, Michael worked closely with well-known Zen Buddhist master Kensho Furuya, a world renowned authority on Japanese swords and their fittings, to ensure that the everything was done as correctly as possible. Michael also was responsible for the set design and procuring as well as placement of genuine Edo period armor and swords.


Michael Zomber also collects treasured antique weapons from all over the world and sells some of these. He has a fine-tuned eye for quality workmanship and the artistic qualities of these weapons and desires that anyone who buys them will recognize the artistic qualities as well as their place in history. Today, he enjoys a life with his wife and two children outside of Philadelphia.  Learn more about Michael and his family via his Facebook page, or learn about Michael the professional author on CrunchBase.