ClassDojo Raises More Funds


ClassDojo is a modern application that helps to connect teachers, parents, and students. Just recently, the company decided to raise money for venture funding for the tech that will help to connect the educators, parents, and students consistently.

With adequate communication throughout the day, and school term, the parents can be quickly apprised of whatever their children are experiencing and whether their behavior at school is perfect. This way, the parents are not surprised when they attend the semester educator parents meetings that are held just one or twice a year.


ClassDojo application was founded by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. These co-founders closed the second round of funding last year, and they say that they will use the capital raised to grow their team and try to figure out the content and features that can be significantly helpful to teachers, parents and the students at school and home too.


Using the raised capital, Chaudhary believes that it will be easy to guide parents about the conversations they should have at home, and the type of support they can offer their children to enhance learning activities and other developments in the school going children. This will make the students better in all their activities inside and outside of school.


Since it was introduced to the modern market years ago, the application is used by educators to schedule important events and make them known to the parents on a daily basis. The app is also used to snap photographs then send them to parents showing off the student’s participations in classroom activities or any other school work.


The two cofounders realized that the most of the educational applications in the market were only perfect for creating a curriculum, testing programs and grade books. None of them was creating a culture and community among the students, educators and parents. This led to the introduction of the ClassDojo app in the year 2011.


The success of the application in the United States does not mean that it doesn’t face challenges. The company has had to face stiff competition from other ed tech enterprises in the modern market. Some of these companies include FreshGrade, Remind, Nearpod, and Kickboard. All of these upcoming applications are trying to connect teachers, students and parents. This year, the company announced that Class Dojo application was being used actively by over eighty thousand schools in the US. The application is used in private, public and charter schools in the nation.