Luxury Unit Buyers Demanding More Unique Perks

An article in the business insider highlights all the steps that building owners need to take to incentivize the uber wealthy to purchase the high end real estate that they eventually will consider to buy.

Some of the incentives that are being provided to these luxury home buyers are quite unique. Some apartments are providing rare antique sports cars as an incentive for buying a luxury apartment or home, while others are furnishing the homes with limited edition designer furniture in the home. Another home offers access to a yacht, while another offers free service. Several other units have art galleries and collections pre-existing in a home that appeals to those with artistic sentimentality.

An apartment building in NYC located at 432 Park Avenue offers residents access to a five star Michelin star restaurant that is closed to the public and only available to tenants of the building. Fine dining is a big incentive, but private fine dining is a luxury that few can afford and which truly seems like a luxury product that can drive those who are looking to maintain their privacy from the public, but not their ability to enjoy a good meal out.

Some of the incentives can be quite quirky. One home in Miami is offering a slide from the home to a pool that is forged in concrete, while a mansion in Beverly Hills that was bought by the founder of the game Minecraft has an extensive built-in wall of candy available. Stocking the candy wall apparently costs $200,000, to illustrate the size of the wall.

While these examples of perks are extreme and for the uber-wealthy, many other luxury apartment home buyers around NYC can get similar incentives if they know what to ask for. A high quality real estate broker like Town Residential Realty can help you when you are buying a home.

Town Real Estate was founded to deal with NYC apartments for rent, and is considered the premier luxury real estate broker in the NYC area. Their professionals know and understand the local market and what concessions can be requested from home sellers. Understanding the market and negotiating power is a prerequisite for getting many of these deals so be sure to contact a high quality and well-known broker like Town Residential before you start your search.

Wessex Institute of Technology Promotes Global Transfer of Information

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is an exceptional organization that serves the global scientific community. The organization is headquartered at Ashurst Lodge in the beautiful South England-based New Forest National Park. The overall goal of WIT is to come up with a series of knowledge disseminating mechanism, specifically focused on the exchange of information between researchers and professional users within the sector.

Wessex Institute achieves this ranking through a series of activities orchestrated by a committed team of employees within both the organization and its subsidiary firms. WIT has managed to establish a strong network of high profile contacts and partnerships with organizations around the world. The core activities carried out by the Wessex Institute include research, publishing, and conference.

Professor Carlos Brebbia

According to Wikipedia, Wessex Institute of Technology was founded back in 1986, after a long and a successful academic career. The organization replaced Computational Mechanics Institute established in 1981. He holds a degree in engineering from an Argentina-based University, master’s degree and a Ph.D. from the England-based Southampton University. Carlos is internationally recognized for being the inventor of the Boundary Element Method, an innovative procedure that still generates vital research work at WIT.


The Wessex Institute leads in carrying out scientific research. Universities, government agencies, and other organizations fund its research. The institute has collaboration agreements with Universita di Siena (Italy), UNUCAMP (Brazil), Universidad de Granada based in Spain, and others.

The Prigogine Medal

Every year, WIT holds a conference program to issue the Prigogine Medal. The medal was introduced in remembrance of Ilya Prigogine, who won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The Prigogine Medal has been awarded on an annual basis since 2004 in partnership with the esteemed University of Siena.

The George Green Medal

The George Green Medal was first awarded at the 37th Global Conference on Boundary Elements held in 2014. This project carried out by the University of Mississippi in partnership with the Wessex Institute. George Green laid the foundation for the boundary elements through his intensive research. Although Green made an impact in the scientific community, little information is known about him. Therefore, the medal is issued annually to celebrate his work.

Jordan A. Thomas Is The Attorney For You

Like many people, you might have found yourself in a position where you want to report information to the Securities Exchange Commission. This information would have to deal with investment companies making illegal moves with clients. These illegal moves can be explained in a variety of ways. For starters, an illegal investment firm may take money and not do the work in return.

Additionally, the investment firm may use higher than normal rates, which is also illegal. However, the number one way these firms do illegal business is by lying to investors. These firms spot markets that are booming but are going to crash in a matter of weeks. They tell people to invest in these markets, but these investors end up with nothing.

If you have information like this, it is important that you report it to the government. Not only will you be helping people, but there are many benefits for you, too. These benefits include promise of employment, medical benefits, cash, and more. However, all of your personal information will be disclosed once you report this information to the government. That is where an attorney comes into play.

A SEC whistleblower attorney will take all of your information regarding fraud investment firms and give it to the government. You remain anonymous to the government. Even better, you still receive all of your benefits, too.

A SEC whistleblower lawyer like Jordan A. Thomas will make sure that you get all of your benefits. In fact, the information you have will not be disclosed to the government until your benefits are in writing. Jordan A. Thomas will not even charge you any money for letting him work for you. All he wants to do is report the bad guys and make the financial community a lot safer.

Jordan A. Thomas also has a great record. All of the individuals he has worked for have received all of their benefits in full. There is even more to the story. Before Attorney Tomas started his firm, he was employed by the government. It was his job to put together a benefit package for people that came forth with this type of information. This means he knows exactly how people can get their hands on the best benefit packages offered by the government. You can have a free consultation in as early as two hours, and absolutely no one will know you were in contact with Jordan A. Thomas.

Talk Fusion: Leader in Video Communication

Talk Fusion is leading the video communication industry with their award-winning products. They are considered one of the top companies in their field. When it comes to these video products, Talk Fusion strives to make it the best possible experience to keep gaining new users. Their motto is all about giving back to others, which is thanks to Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s Founder and CEO. Nobody is more dedicated or committed to giving back than Bob.

Bob strongly believes in the power of giving back whether to family and friends, communities, and even animal charities. He has donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, an Indonesian orphanage, and even provided money to help numerous animals get the life-saving operations they are in desperate need of receiving. No matter what it is, Bob wants to help as many people around the world as he can. With Talk Fusion’s products, he believes they will help jump-start your business and help get your business noticed. He wants to see you live out your dreams and build a better future for yourself. That is why Bob is the most interested in hearing how these products have changed your life.

Bob has even taken his giving back mission a step further. He recently launched a program which allows Talk Fusion Associates to choose a charity of their choice and award them one free charity account. This account allows them to customize their videos and have full access to all of Talk Fusion’s products. This will not only help small businesses start up, but providing videos will help spread their message even faster. This is a great way to get recognized and bring in potential customers.

Talk Fusion’s products include Video Email, Video Newsletters, Video Chat, and Live Meetings. You can use these video products in a variety of different ways, such as announcing the opening of your business, promoting upcoming sales, conduct business meetings, announce a fundraiser, and even announce an upcoming animal adoption event. No matter what you decide, these products are easy to use and are compatible on all mobile devices.


Darius Fisher Entrepreneur of Good Reputation

Darius Fisher is someone who is very passionate about keeping a good reputation. In fact, being an entrepreneur, he is very aware of the need for a great reputation in order to succeed as a business owner. If there is a major attack, then this could ruin his business as well as his career. He makes sure that he not only keeps his clients satisfied, but also stands up to shady characters. He is also one of the most active philanthropists who gives to his community. Being a generous person who is doing everything he can to improve the lives of others is sure to help bring forth a better reputation to others.

Darius Fisher has built such a good reputation for himself and his business that he was named the Business Development Individual of the Year. It is only fitting that he would get that award because his business involves helping businesses succeed. He is someone that deals with online reputation management. He is very experienced with everything that it takes to rebuild a good reputation. He has worked with other clients and businesses. He has even worked on his own business when it got hit with a crisis.

Darius Fisher has worked on various crises with clients. Not all of them were the result of bad reviews. Some of them involved a potentially dangerous situation when someone got doxxed. A lot of personal information was made public. As a result, the client was vulnerable to being harassed offline as well as online. Fortunately, Darius Fisher was able to take the steps needed to remove the contents so that she could breathe. There are plenty of other projects that he has been a part of which gave second chances. Darius Fisher has made sure that his clients not only got their businesses back on track, but also on a path to greater success.

One Solution For The Russian Economy

The Russian economy has not been doing well in recent history. The country’s economy seemingly coming to a halt in progress in 2014 as Russia’s Finance Minister, Anton Siluanov, predicted that their economic growth could come out very close to zero. These issues continued to build up as it was estimated $70 billion left Russia within the first three months of the year, which is terrible compared to the $63 billion that had left the previous year of 2013. With the Russian government in a time of crisis, Alexei Beltyukov feels he has a solution to stop the slow economic decay. He feels that a large part of the issue is the many entrepreneurs that are leaving Russia due to the country’s economic state. It is hard to start a business when the economy is on decent feet, but when the economy crumbling it makes it near impossible. Due to this many entrepreneurs have left Russia to find a better starting ground for their businesses in other regions within Europe. Alexei Beltyukov feels that if this exit of entrepreneurs is stopped, however, then the country could get back on stable economic feet.

The action behind this plan would be for the government to start to help out entrepreneurs with their endeavors. For example, by giving them grants, tax breaks, and other financial reliefs that would assist them in startup costs. This kind of assistance would allow them to retain enough money to build up their companies. Alexei Beltyukov has actually made a smaller model of this idea with his government sanctioned organization, the Skolkovo Foundation. His organization helps entrepreneurs by giving them financial advice, linking them with the proper sources, and even providing grants. Their goal is to help Russian entrepreneurs be able to achieve their business dreams without having to leave their home country. Beltyukov believes that if organizations like his are expanded then the wave of new businesses created by entrepreneurs could help stabilize the Russian economy.  Check out Alexei’s official site for more information.  As an INSEAD graduate, Alexei is definitely a businessman you should listen to, when it comes to advice about the economy.

The Midas Legacy: Helping People to Achieve Lifetime Goals

The Midas Legacy is a company whose main focus is people, and helping those same people to meet their lifetime goals. The company itself is located in Winter Garden, Florida where they have an excellent team of employees ready to help others.

What is the Main Focus of the Midas Legacy?

The Midas Legacy is unlike other companies since they offer a unique set of services that can’t be found anywhere else. They are in short a research services company whose main focus is helping people to meet their goals. The Midas Legacy offer several research services to help people from all walks of life to improve their lives. This includes people seeking to retire faster, entrepreneurs who want to improve their living situation, individuals who want to manage their investments, and even people seeking natural remedies to cure their illness.

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How does the Company Help People?

People know the focus of The Midas Legacy is helping people to improve their lives, but what steps do they take to help individuals to reach those goals? While their main focus helping people to improve their sense of self-worth, happiness, health, and even wealth they also use several other strategies to achieve these goals. The company provides the resources people need that will have a positive impact on their lives. The Midas Legacy sees it as their mission to help people to achieve this goal, and it all starts the first day.

People who become a member of The Midas Legacy will receive The Midas Code book absolutely free. This book on Twitter is an excellent resource for helping people to unlock their true potential and to lead the life they never sought possible. They have an excellent team of product and expert contributors standing behind them to bring their experience to the table to help people to see results in their own lives.

The combined knowledge of this excellent company is at people’s fingertips. They only have to grasp, hold on tight, and begin to understand the true meaning of “The Midas Legacy” to meet their goals.

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Image Recognition Technology: The Future is Now


While the phrase image recognition technology may be unfamiliar, chances are, you are already acquainted with the functionality. Although the term can evoke a vision of a postmodern world run by computers, in actuality, image recognition software has been invading our everyday life for years in ways we don’t always think about. Image recognition technology works to identify objects, people, locations, brands, and anything else that have value to users. The advent of smartphones and tablets, equipped with cameras, has provided the platform for this technology to rapidly advance. Chances are, your day-to-day life is full of interactions with image recognition software at work.

Have you experienced Facebook suggesting a tag in a photo? Maybe you have used your phone to scan a QR code at the grocery store. Perhaps you drive a car equipped with a reversing camera or similar safety feature. These are all everyday examples of image recognition technology implementations.

Use cases and demand for the technology is expanding at an almost explosive rate. The technology is at the core of the features for which we rely on our mobile and wearable technology. Apps like Google Shopper let you snap an image of compare prices. TVtak allows you to identify the show you are watching by pointing your device’s camera at the television screen. Any and all of the various augmented reality applications rely on image recognition. Industry experts forecast the market for image recognition technology to reach nearly 30 billion dollars by 2020.

One of the companies leading the way is Slyce visual search. Based in Toronto, Canada, Slyce, Inc. is a visual search and recognition company, with a focus on product recognition. The company launched their proprietary image recognition technology in 2013, and quickly established themselves as the technology partner for larger retailers. Their range of offerings includes Snap-to-Buy, Snap-to-List, Snap-to-Coupon and Snap-to-Discover app capabilities. Slyce, Inc. works with six of the top 20 U.S.-based retailers, including American Eagle Outfitters and Neiman Marcus. They are publicly traded as SLC on the TSX Venture Exchange Market.

Richard Blair Financial Planning

Richard Blair operates out of Austin, Texas as the sole owner of his firm called Wealth Solutions Inc. Through it, he intends to offer high net worth individuals with sound and expert advise on how to grow and develop their funds.

With over two decades of experience in the fields of financial planning and estate financial advisory, Richard Blair is more than capable of delivering aid to those who meet his requirements. Considering he operates and has over $55 million in assets, he is ready to handle what ever issue or financial plan his future clients have to throw at him.

One of the best features of Wealth Solutions Inc. is that it treats each client as if they are a partner to the firm. As a result, each individual will have a carefully customized and personal portfolio that is managed by Richard Blair. Along with the unique assets given to each individual, they will also have 24 access to their portfolio and what is contained as well as receive financial advice from Richard Blair himself. The portfolios created specifically for each individual is meant to be low risk but high gain. Through the building and management of funds, clients will reach the goals that they defined in the beginning of their investment phase.

With his 22 years in the industry, Richard Blair has more experience than most at analyzing and understanding market trends. With this, he develops coherent and comprehensive financial solutions. Using the most cutting edge technological advantages, Richard Blair can help you save for all future endeavors. Whether you are saving for college, a real estate investment or tax saving strategies, Richard Blair can offer counsel. In addition, an area that Richard Blair specializes in through Wealth Solutions in retirement planning. Wealth Solutions can be expected to focus solely on their clients end game and financial future.

Richard Blair has both a passion for learning and teaching financial trends. He has been a continuous student since he first discovered his love early in his college career. Immediately after college, he entered into the financial services industry and eventually created Wealth Solutions in 1994. Through this company, he is able to teach all that he has come to learn with his many years in the business.

Wealth Solutions is able to offer innovative solutions for common problems like taxes, real estate and creating viable income streams for you.

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