Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner Improves Tresses

Are you tired of the same old hair care routine? Is styling becoming a tiring and long procedure? Well, a popular Hair care line called WEN hair, may have a product that will change your routine in a wonderful way. Wen was created by professional hair stylist, Chaz Dean who specializes in working with many celebrities in the Hollywood scene. He made several formulas of a unique cleansing conditioner that sephora.com features, it has a shampoo, conditioner and a styling treatment in one product. The conditioner is said to transform dull hair into vibrant and healthy hair in a short amount of time, so one woman decided to test it out and share her results in an article on bustle.com.
The first thing she noticed was the amount needed to wash. It’s a few times more than your normal amount of shampoo, but remember you’ve got three products in one and you want to maximize results. After just one wash, her regularly thin hair felt thicker and softer than normal. As her week continued, the results got even better. Her hair was shiny, easier to style and she was receiving compliments on her noticeably improved hair. It’s no shock to see why this product is so highly buzzed about by the Guthy-Renker beauty blog. Wen hair also offers several formulas based on your hair type to ensure you get the results you want.

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Visit the product FAQ page at http://www.wen.com/faq.html.

Open Society Foundation

There are different projects funded by Open Society Foundations of George Soros in a hundred countries across the globe. This is a clear indication that Open Society Foundation is a firm, and well-established organization. It takes a well-managed organization to oversee the successful accomplishment of different projects in various countries. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Open Society Foundation runs its operations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Asia. The main question that lingers in the minds of many people is how such a strong organization came into existence. Open Society Foundation is an organization that was founded by George Soros. He is a well-known billionaire, and an established hedge fund mogul.

Open Society Foundations is actively involved in European politics. The organization aims at restoring political stability in tension filled nations like Ukraine and Greece. The involvement of this organization in European political matters has attracted the attention of different parties. In recent times, conservative political activist James O’Keefe was caught trying to sneak into the inner circles of Open Society Foundations. O’Keefe was caught through a recorded phone conversation while trying to forge his way into the operations of Open Society Foundation using a fake name. His actions brought a heated debate as to why an American political activist would be interested in European political matters. The actions of James O’Keefe are a clear indication that members of the elite political class are thrilled by the success Open Society Foundations has attained in Europe. James O’Keefe’s actions also portrayed the malicious intentions that some political figures have towards the political situation in Europe.
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The Open Society Foundation

Open Society Foundations was born out of George Soros’s activities in South Africa back in 1979. George Soros came up with a program that gave outstanding students from South Africa Scholarships. At that time, South Africa was still under White colonial rule. His actions paved the way for black people to overcome colonial oppression, and get quality education.

Since that scholarship venture in South Africa back in 1979, Open Society Foundations has gone ahead to become a strong force across the globe. When Roma was unstable, Open Society stepped in by helping refugees, and students in need of scholarships. When Greece was collapsing, Open Society Foundations stepped in, and played a central role in initiating reasonable reforms. Open Society Foundations is one the organizations that have helped in stabilizing Ukraine.

In recent times, Ukraine has witnessed hostile attacks from Russia. The Russian fueled attacks destabilized Ukraine politically, and economic wise. Through the help rendered by Open Society Foundations, Ukraine has stabilized both economically and politically. The works of Open Foundation Society have not settled well with everyone. In recent times, Russia banned all operations affiliated with Open Society Foundations in its territory. Russia termed all the projects funded by this outstanding organization as a threat to national security. The truth is Russia is displeased by the cutting edge work that Open Society is carrying out in Ukraine.

George Soros

George Soros is a respected figure in the hedge fund sector. He has built a reputable company that deals with hedge fund matters. He is a billionaire who has great passion in transforming the world, and making it a better place. George Soros is the force behind Open Society Foundations. He funds the organization thus enabling it to carry out its activities around the globe effectively.

The Story of Yeomi Park’s Escape to Freedom

Yeonmi Park was a brave North Korean defector that, in order to gain freedom and defeat her fear of hunger, escaped to China and South Korea. She wrote the Amazon released book In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom to tell us her story of how she journeyed to her road of freedom. Since she lived during the days of extensive violations of human rights by North Korean government, she had to endure a rough childhood and emotional torture.
Her story of freedom starts on March 3, 2007, when she was only thirteen years old. They soon realized that they would die if they had no food. Her sister decided she would flee first. Then in the middle of the night, she and her mother crossed the Yalu river and fled to China. Upon entering the country, they quickly realized it was a place of prostitution and sex slaves. Yeonmi cried everyday as a sex slave and finally, she and her mother was released. They decided it was time to go to South Korea.

In freezing temperatures, they crossed the Gobi Desert on foot. The only thing that they carried to protect them was knives and the only thing guiding them was the stars. Yeonmi and her mother finally reached their freedom by crossing the Mongolian border and boarding a plane to South Korea. Her father had tried to escape with them, but died from untreated cancer.

After living safely in South Korea, she finished high school and reunited with her sister two years later. Now she is a high-profile activist and made a speech on One Young World Summit in 2014, her speech video can be watched on YouTube. That was when she revealed to the world everywhere: her story, the nightmare-ish hell her family went through, and how she obtained freedom.

Before she started writing her book, she tried to block her brain from the horrific memories of the events that happened. As she started writing, she started to remember what had happened. She wrote on behalf on everyone’s story, including her mother, father, and sister. After she wrote her book, she felt all the pressure lifted. Her book captivated lots of people and displayed her strength of character that allowed her to survive her journey.

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The World Is Talking About Talk Fusion

The popular saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. While Talk Fusion is just recently getting notice on the online community as a revolutionary new video chat software–currently it’s number one in the global market–its rise to success has been happening for the last nine years. Though it seems as though the app just came out recently, the reality is that nearly a decade of solid work has gone into its construction.

So what is Talk Fusion, exactly? Well, it’s a high definition video chat application which uses proprietary technology whose patent is pending. Talk Fusion works so well that it has become the number one video chat application throughout Indonesia. In Japan it is the fifth most popular video chat app, and in Switzerland it clocks in at number twenty. But as previously stated, globally it is the number one app.

Talk Fusion has provided marketing solutions to roughly 140 separate countries in the nine years since the company’s inception. Founder and CEO Bob Reina is concerned about the global community. Specifically: he’s concerned about bettering it. It’s his prerogative to bring affordable, high-definition technology to as many people as possible. This is probably one of the reasons Talk Fusion has a thirty day free trial attached to it that requires no credit card information.

That may seem suspect to some, but the DSA (Direct Selling Association) has given their prestigious honors to Talk Fusion, as the group makes the DSA proud. Furthermore, the program features multi-platform support. Whether or not you’re using a Macintosh computer, a Windows tablet, an Android smartphone, or some device with a third-party operating system, Talk Fusion has been designed to work with your tech.

Finally, Talk Fusion regularly donates to animal charities and has a specific concentration in developing global communities through the interaction of family and friends. Video chat software is something most people the world over have dreamed about since before Johnny Quest had a communicator watch in the sixties. Now even better technology is a global reality, and it looks a lot more streamlined than anyone ever expected.

The Man who Challenges the Menace of Autism by Founding Autism Rocks

Shah Sanjay is a British millionaire whose origin is in Kenya Africa. He is currently living in London together with his wife Usha and four children. Shah Sanjay has a big heart of giving and he has spent most of his time helping the needy children especially those from a poor family from India. First, he started sending his donations through International plan for more than 10 years though there was no clear auditing of donations.
Nikhil one of the beloved sons of Shah was diagnosed with Autism by psychologist doctors in Portland hospital. The disease affected the normal functioning of the brain and according to the family, the boy was aggressive and could throw all foods given to him to consume. The boy was suffering from neurodevelopment disorder which affects the efficiency of the brain.
After the treatment, Nikhil was to undergo therapy to enhance the normal functioning of the brain. It was very expensive and was done thrice in a day for five years by the highly skilled therapist. Though he cleared the hospital bills he got himself thinking what would happen if he had no enough money, the boy would have suffered forever.
Shah family decided to focus their energy to offer help to the kids suffering from autism. They went to Dubai Autism Center and donated two minibuses Hyundai made, for easier transportation of the kids from one area to another. He approached his wealthy friends and mobilized them to raise more money to fund lives of sickly kids in the Dubai Autism Center. He also organised other money raising avenues like reggae concerts which attracted many fans in Dubai hence raising good money.
Shah a 43 years old is a retired trader and founder of the most superior firm in London Solo capital. He participated in a single bet that earned him £19 million which geared him to start a private business. He hired few graduates and traders who worked hard to bring the today’s Solo Capital into the limelight. The company has raised a profit of $280 thus growing towards Dubai and London making Shah achieve his dreams.


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