Avi Weisfogel’s Efforts of Touching Lives Through His GoFundMe Campaign

Conducting charitable activities is one of the ways of making the world a better place for everybody. Organizing and taking part in charitable activities is also one of the ways in which we can all play our parts in giving back to our society. Operation Smile is one of the charitable non-governmental organizations’ that have been on the forefront in touching the lives of destitute children and young adults with facial deformities around the globe. The charitable organization was started in 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee. The first mission that the charitable non-governmental organization undertook was in the Philippines. The organization has grown in leaps and bounds and has currently undertaken activities in more than eighty countries around the world with the support of individuals, governments and well-wishers.

Every year Operation Smile works together with the efforts of the particular governments, hospitals and local medics in the areas that they visit for their charitable activities. They also help in training the local medics so that they are able to assist in the surgical procedures that they undertake. Any child who suffers from facial deformities qualifies for the surgical treatment offered by the international charitable organization.

One of the people who have been instrumental in supporting Operation Smile organization is Avi Weisfogel. His announcement of the launch of GoFundMe campaign is proof of his commitment to help young children and give back to the society. Being a part of Operation Smile places him in a position to use his professional expertise and resources. This campaign will see him fund the non-governmental organization with two thousand dollars to help in the GoFundMe campaign. The campaign is meant to give the destitute children and young adults hope for a better and brighter future by providing free surgical procedures to correct facial deformities.

Lastly, Avi Weisfogel practices dentistry in Old Bridge, NJ. His passion to help children led him to coming up with the GoFundMe campaign. His belief is that his help as a professional dentistry together with the people at Operation Smile would go a great way in ensuring that children born with facial deformities will get better treatment and grow up healthier and happy. Check out Avi on LinkedIn.

The Top Video Chat App in the World: Talk Fusion

What does it take to become the number one video app in the world? A lot of innovation. In places like Indonesia, Talk Fusion is the most used video chat app on the Android App store. In places like Japan and Switzerland, it is also very popular. The reason is that it provides easy video chat services, among other things. With Talk Fusion, you can send videos in emails, create newsletters, conduct live video meetings, and more.

With the email part, for example, you can select from hundreds of top quality templates to send an email to one or many people. This is all done from one central app. No worrying about switching back and forth between many applications. You simply upload the video from any smart device, such as a tablet, smartphone, or computer. The brand can be Apple, Android, or Windows. Then, you load the video into the email that you want to send. You’re ready to send after that.

In addition to being easy to use and multi-functioned, Talk Fusion is also more affordable than other apps. This is due to their Direct Selling Association membership, which means they sell directly to friends and family through their associates who are all around the globe (over 140 countries). They adhere to the highest ethical standards when selling as well.

The reason that Talk Fusion is so ethical and useful for customers is because of the founder: Brad Reina. He started the company in 2007 by scratching his own itch. He was annoyed that it was impossible to easily send a short video clip to his friend via email without linking to an outside source. He wanted to embed it. AOL, his email service at the time, said that it could not be done. Reina is a former police officer and knew that he could solve the problem, so he got the help of his IT partner and started innovating.

Highland Capital Management Is Investing Billions In Argentina, According To President James Dondero

Now that the UN has declared that the Falkland Islands sit in Argentinian waters, and the country has elected a pro-democratic president, investors like Jim Dondero are excited about a possible economic turnaround. James Dondero has been watching Argentina go through some pretty dramatic economic times over the last 20 years. When Dondero was involved with American Express, he watched Argentina sink well below its potential because of government mismanagement. Dondero continued to watch the country when he opened Highland Capital management in 1992, but there were too many other countries that offered better investment returns then.

Things got worse when Christina Fernandez Kitchener took office fourteen years ago. Before she was elected Argentina defaulted on $82 billion worth of debt, and she did very little to rectify the situation with the hedge funds that bought the debt. Dondero was happy he stayed away when he heard about the lawsuit brought against Argentina by those investors, and the other defaults that would keep Argentina on the “Do Not Invest List.” But Dondero told Bloomberg.com recently that he still believed that Argentina had potential, but it was hidden under poor government management.

In 2014, Highland Capital decided to invest in Argentina’s debt. Highland Capital needed to recoup some of the losses the company was experiencing due to energy sector investments. The 8 percent yield that Argentinian bonds offered was enticing, so Dondero decided to allocate a large part of the company’s Global Allocation Fund to Argentina bonds. That decision turned out to be a good, according to Dondero.

Now that Mauricio Macri is president things are changing in Argentina. Maci has reorganized the central bank and the country’s finance ministry. He made an agreement with the old bondholders, and those hedge funds agreed to accept reissued bonds. Macri is also offering an additional $12 billion in debt related bonds to other foreign and local investors. Jim Dondero told Bloomberg.com that Highland Capital’s Global Fund will invest in those new bonds.

Argentina is not out of their problematic economic times yet. But the country is getting support from investors and potential customers around the globe. Even the Chinese are offering Argentina a trade package now that Macri is calling the shots. Dondero thinks Highland Capital investors will benefit from the risk of dancing the economic tango with Argentina, but other investors are still siting this dance out, according to the Bloomberg.com article.

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Queens of Drama: A Reality Show About Reality Shows

Reality shows are all the rage these days. There have been plenty of shows that have come and gone throughout the popularity of this genre. Among the shows that people have watched are Survivor, The Bachelor, and plenty of others like them. One of the recent shows that have been showing is Queens of Drama. Queens of Drama is a scripted reality show. The premise of the show centers around people who used to be stars of soap operas. They are forming a production company in order to create a new drama pilot for television. There are plenty of stars of the show like Hunter Tylo, Chrustee Pharris, and others. One star that stands out is Crystal Hunt.

Crystal Hunt plays as a fictionalized version of herself on the show. Her role has grown as the show progressed. The beginning of the show had Donna Mills play as the head of the production company. Crystal eventually grown as a character and is now clashing with Joan Collins, a British soap opera icon in later episodes.

Crystal Hunt is actually quite experienced in this genre. She has starred in “One Life to Live. The reality show, Queens of Drama is a reflection of the current climate of TV shows. Where soap operas used to dominate the popularity back in the days, the reality shows and other types of drama have taken over recently. Crystal Hunt is not only a good TV actor, but also has shown a lot of acting talent on the big screen with movies like Magic Mike XXL. She also has a lot of business skills.

Famous Birthdays wrote that Crystal Hunt had her beginning in beauty pageants at the young age of 2. She has also been the star of many commercial. Among the commercials are those for Walt Disney, and a public service announcement against drugs. She has worked with NSYNC among other bands. She has starred in Guilding Light as Lizzie Spaulding. In addition to getting involved with photography, she has won an emmy award for her role. She also had a short role on One Life to Live in which she played as Stacy Morasco. She has played on the show from 2009 until 2010. She has made a few brief appearances on the show since then.  Check out Crystal’s highlight reel for a good taste of what she offers to any role.

Sam Tabar: Developing Global Financial Strategies

As today’s world becomes more intertwined, financial markets rely on each other to ensure their success. Therefore, it’s vital for financial services firms to develop strategies that will not only help their investors, but also other investors around the world. Having the ability to market products and services in ways that entice others to come aboard with their money is a must with investment firms, and nobody understands this better than Sam Tabar. With more than a decade of experience as an attorney and investment analyst, Sam has established himself as an industry leader when it comes to guiding clients through the tumultuous world of international finance.

Having been an excellent student at Oxford University and Columbia Law School, CrunchBase indicates Sam knew early on it would take a strong work ethic and commitment to hard work in order to reach his career goals. After graduating with Honors from Oxford, Sam had an equally stellar career at Columbia. Using his excellent communication skills, he was appointed editor of the school’s Business Law Review. Always one to make sure the most pertinent topics of the day were included in the publication, Sam gained a reputation at the school for having an inquisitive mind and a willingness to tackle the toughest challenges.

Continuing this attitude in his career, Sam has made sure he always paid attention to the smallest details. Having gained expertise in virtually all areas of contract law, he went to work as an attorney with a leading U.S. law firm. Working with clients who needed advice on employment law and contract law, Sam made sure each and every client had the answers they needed to help them meet their financial goals. With his international educational background, about.me makes the case that Sam also became known for establishing great working relationships with those in foreign lands. A regular consultant to many company executives in the Far East, Sam is widely viewed in places such as Hong Kong or Beijing as a true expert in international finance and economics. Likewise, he also has a similar reputation in the United States. Having acted as a consultant with numerous Fortune 500 executives over the years, he is a regular at Wall Street board meetings. With his reputation for excellence and hard work being second to none, it’s clear Sam has great things ahead of him. Whether in the U.S. or abroad, Sam is without a doubt a true financial professional.  Check out the things he’s done on GoFundMe, if you want to get a taste of Sam’s charitable side as well.

High Tech Food Delivery Apps Struggling To Breakthrough In India


India has had hundreds of food delivery applications spring up during the past few years. Some of them have been extremely well funded and had leading businessmen and marketers at the helm. Despite having access to a large amount of capital and spending a great amount of money and effort on advertising to try and win over customers, most new food delivery apps and companies have floundered in India.

Why have hundreds of food delivery applications and companies have gone bankrupt in India after getting large investments from venture capitalists? According to Marc Sparks, the answer lies in the fact that most of the new startups are unprepared for the ground game, or getting deliveries to hungry customers. Hundreds of thousands of meals are delivered each day by by bike riding, train riding and cart pushing delivery main called Dabbawalas. Though they may lack the technology that new startups have, they have experience and know what it takes to get the food delivered to customers on time.

Most of the new companies that have failed have been unable to create a cost effective delivery solution. Others have spent too much too quickly on advertising and expansion, and have seen all their capital dry out, leaving them bankrupt. The few companies that have been successful have used the Dabbawalas effectively, while integrating some aspects of modern technology. For food delivery companies to be successful in India they must use whatever works and slowly win over customers that Dabbawalas have served for well over a hundred years now.

Brad Reifler: An Entrepreneur With A Cause

Brad Reifler is the jack of all trades when it comes to entrepreneurship in the financial world. His extensive background ranges from financial services to the forex trading market. He graduated from Bowdoin College, earning a degree in Economics and Political Science. Putting that degree to good use, Brad founded the Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982, which was his very first business. With its successful specialization in global derivatives, Refco bought out the company in 2000, in which Reifler was the top trader.

Formerly, Brad was known as the chairman, CEO and founding partner of the international financial services firm, Pali Capital. This is where Wikipedia would indicate Reifler’s biggest success emerged from. He served thirteen years as Chairman and managed to sky-rocket the company’s profits to an outstanding $200 million. Reifler is currently an advisor and Forefront Advisory’s CEO. Forefront specializes in lending its expertise in commodity and forex trading. Brad Reifler also offers extensive knowledge and advice on how the everyday person can break into the investment world. Reifler does public appearances as a spokesperson for the middle-class community as well. He is showing that he is all about showing and helping others find new and better ways to financial freedom and a brighter future.

With helping others being an integral part of Reifler’s career and personality, Brad and his current company, Forefront Capital Advisors, will be partnering with Easter Seals Dixon Center to promote positive changes in the lives of veterans. This partnership includes a donation of $3 million. Easter Seals Dixon Center is focused on working locally and abroad to allow the veterans access to employment, healthcare, education, support, and training. Therefore, Forefront Capital Advisors is making it their mission to support the brave men and women of this country – as well as their families- while aiding the financial future of their client.

After serving for our country, Forefront Capital Advisors believe that financial stability is a must, to succeed in the civilian community. Collaborating with Easter Seals Dixon Center is what’s best for business and also provides the ideal opportunity to support a paramount cause.

Music for Autism Awareness

Autism Rocks is organizing a major event in Dubai in April this year. In order to mark the Autism Awareness Month, the association is planning a family day. The range of activities planned for the day include golf, petting zoos, face painting and camel rides. To top it all, there will be performances by two international rappers. The good news is that to enjoy all this, you only need to pay a small price.


Autism is a condition which affects someone’s ability to develop social relationships. It also affects their communication skills. Autism has been known for being a lifelong disability that makes the person develop unusually narrow yet strong interests. It is also characterized by repetitive behavior. People suffering from autism can lead a relatively normal and independent life but some may need specialist care and support.


When talking about autism, one cannot ignore the fact that there needs to be awareness around the area. There are many people suffering from autism and they are treated differently. This is the main reason why there are initiatives such as Autism Rocks to create awareness and encourage research in the area. It is with this in mind that Sanjay Shah decided to start an association called Autism Rocks.


Sanjay Shah, a British born philanthropist, has keen interest and passion for music. His son, whom he loves dearly, was diagnosed with autism when he was four years old. This is what inspired him to come up with the association. He began by organizing a music event and inviting performers. The performance was held in London. So far, Sanjay Shah has invited Drake, Prince and even Lenny Kravitz.


This year, Sanjay has decided to take Autism Rocks to Dubai. On his performance list is Tyga and Flo-rida. The two rappers are not new to the Dubai scene. In fact, they have performed there before. The event will be held at the Autism Rocks Arena at the Dubai Outlet Mall. It is organized by 117 Live, the team which is organizing Nicki MInaj’s performance in March. The tickets are going for 50 AED and there are many activities planned for everyone. Check out this YouTube video of Sanjay to get a better feel for what he’s all about.

Jon Urbana’s Blog Never Ceases to Be Great for Photo Art

Jon Urbana’s blog is a lot different than most blogs. Lengthy prose is not found on the blog, and the entries are much more visual in nature. Jon Urbana, a former professional lacrosse player who founded a yearly summer camp called Next Level Lacrosse, where Urbana coaches and mentors high school athletes, does enjoy the arts. Photo arts appears to be his favorite. Urbana’s variety of tweets reflects this love for all things visual.

Urbana is also one of the most active members of the Denver charity scene. Jon supports entities like Earth Force and ARAS. Read more on FoxCarolina.com about his work with ARAS.

Ripe Red Cherries on a Black Wooden Background” is a title that tells all thanks to its descriptive nature. The actual artistry of the photo has to be viewed to be fully appreciated. The way the cherries appear in the foreground is mesmerizing. The contrast between the bright red cherries and other items in the frame is stunning. This image reflects some of the best work on Jon Urbana’s blog.

Cocoa in Cup” is a lot simpler in design, but no less artistically brilliant. Anyone who checks out this particular image may not only be impressed by the artistry, the person might end up being motivated to pick up some cocoa on the next trip to a store.

Jon’s photography videos are commonly posted on the blog. The videos usually have a nice mix of music and visual splendor. Promotional videos are not usually presented on the blog, but “Nike by Spacetime” is not so much promotional as it is artistically relevant. The music on the short video is accompanied by a collage of images on Jon’s About.me that truly capture the pop cultural brilliance of the Nike brand. Despite the short running time, Urbana’s Tumblr posts can have a great impact on the viewer.

Urbana is an esteemed airplane pilot and recently got written up in the Aviation Business Gazette (FAA Recognizes Jon Urbana). You can see footage of him in flight at www.jonurbana.com.

Coffee” is not an image designed to promote the actual coffee as much as the cups and other items in which the coffee is served. The cups and pots appear to be made of brass, and they are impressive. The dark, lack of lighting in the photo does bring out an interesting degree of ambiance.

Sometimes, an unfinished product is worth checking out. “Ingredients and Equipment for Dough” presents wheat flour, egg, cream, and more in a deliciously sloppy manner. The process of making dough can be a fun one, and the various ingredients do make for nice photo art.

FreedomPop Planning to Exploit Fresh Markets both Locally and Internationally

FreedomPop is a company that was established in 2011. It strongly believes in the provision of mobile services free of charge. For FreedomPop, mobile services provision is a right and not a treat. Therefore, the company offers free services such as text, voice minutes, and data to millions of users in Europe and the United States.

News updates

The FCC fined Verizon Wireless approximately $1.4 million for the insertion of “supercookie” into the mobile traffic of its customers devoid of their consent. This fine was effected after the insertion was discontinued. The “supercookies” were added to the web traffic to help in identification of customers and delivery of Verizon’s ads as well as adverts from third parties. Verizon publicized its intention to help customer unsubscribe from the advertising program last year and proceeded to introduce a federal probe into the program.

This week started well for the T-Mobile US after it garnered a record $2 billion in funding to help it plan the forthcoming 600MHZ auction, which will take place toward the end of March. The T-Mobile US has been accruing finances aimed at financing its spectrum auction participation.

Analyst opinions

Expert analysts have predicted that T-Mobile US might spend close to $10 billion during the auction proceeding specifically on spectrum license. The CEO of the firm noted that the carrier must participate in the auction aggressively.

Stephen Stokols opinions on FreedomPop’s operation and growth

FreedomPop has garnered more than $10 million in VC financing that will be used for expanding its operation both locally and across the globe. Stephen Stokols, who is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of FreedomPop, dismissed rumors of the firm being acquired by another entity.

Stephen believes the company’s business model prepares it to establish a strong niche in the competitive world of mobile service provision. The company is looking forward to exploiting new market opportunities. The original version of this article was posted on RCRwireless; http://www.rcrwireless.com/20160309/carriers/freedompop-rides-vc-funds-towards-expansion-tag2