Kevin Seawright Discusses His Long And Distinguished Career

Kevin Seawright is currently serving as the CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. The Newark CEDC has been given millions by many government agencies to begin development in some of the worst parts of the city, and Kevin has been asked to manage all the money for the corporation.

#1: Kevin Began His Work By Helping Others

On Twitter Kevin said he was trained by his family to help others at a young age. He lived just outside Philadelphia, but his family took many trips into the city to help kids in need. Kevin saw that he was not much different from kids living in the inner city, and he decided then and there to help people as much as he could. He began to focus his schooling on business, and Kevin earned a business degree that he took with him to his first job in Baltimore.

#2: Serving Baltimore For A Decade

Kevin served the city of Baltimore for a decade by working with the schools, transportation and services for the elderly. He created new financing and accounting principles that were used by the city to help save money, and he moved from one department to another with distinction. He saved Baltimore millions of dollars over his tenure, and he chose to move back home to Philadelphia.

#3: A Short Stop In Philadelphia

Kevin found himself working with disadvantaged families in Philadelphia just as he has as a kid. He is one of the most sought-after financial experts in America today, and he began to make changes to the way that the city helped underprivileged peoples. Kevin turned around a department that had very little money to work with, and he increased services to every family he met.

#4: On To Newark

Kevin was offered the CFO position with the Newark CEDC because of his long record of public service. Kevin has been working with the CEDC to provide funding for development projects across the city, and he is signing all the checks that are paying for the turnaround of this once great city. Kevin has implemented his own principles at the CEDC, and the company is saving money left and right because of the way he is managing its finances.

His SoundCloud indicates that Kevin Seawright is an amazing businessman who has used his considerable skills to save public entities money. Kevin has served people in school systems, transportation and in aged care with his unique accounting techniques, and he has saved the city of Newark millions will helping redevelop the city.

One on One With Investment Banker, Martin Lustgarten

Lustgarten Martin is a company that has been a huge financier for Venezuelan and other international companies. It helps companies make money by acting as an investment bank. Investment banking is a profession where companies, governments and individuals gain capital when investment banks provide finance solutions. The investment banking firm does a lot of services for its clients such as underwriting, acting as a financial advisor, being an intermediary for security issuance and facilitating mergers. It is involved in huge and complex financial transactions that gear the company towards capital growth. Investment banks also act as a broker between the investing public and the companies wishing to create capital. An investment bank checks the financial statements of an organization to establish what they can offer. They also publish a prospectus on the investments offered for investors to browse and take advantage of.
The overall process can be seen as complicated and a seemingly tough job, but Martin Lustgarten, an investment banker, has learnt the secrets of the trade to become a force that the whole world reckons with.Martin Lustgarten was born in Venezuela and is now in his 50s. The Austrian- Venezuelan is widely known as a businessman who also invests in other businesses. He got into the lucrative career of investment banking which has profited him greatly. By helping other organizations to get financing, he gets a share of the fortune as payment.
Mr. Lustgarten has had the unfortunate incident of being accused of money laundery using a mass of over $100M drug proceeds, a charge he was cleared of after being found innocent. At the indictment, he was accused of selling dirty money which he acquired illegally to sell to legitimate companies thus making a profit. The ploy is seen as rival plans to bring him down but Martin was able to get out of the unfortunate situation.
The lover of all things vintage also expresses his interest by selling vintage watches which he personally collects. Martin is a family man who lives in Miami with his loved ones. His hobbies, besides collecting archaic items, include juggling and skiing.
Mr. Lustgarten can be found on almost all social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, MySpace and Jigsaw. He is a man of the people and encourages personal messages when contacting him. He is related to Andrea and Claudia Lustgarten.

Eucatex; Growing Money On Trees

Eucatex is the leading manufacturer for paint, floors, wall partitions, doors, panels and hardboard. The company has been dealing with the wooden products since its inception when it began with panels. Eucatex is a well-established and highly recognized company, having expanded from Brazil to other countries. It has headquarters in Sao Paulo but also has other branches in South America, Mexico and Europe. Besides the mentioned products, Eucatex also sells Eucalyptus seedlings. A guess would be that it derives its name from the Eucalyptus tree which it sources most of its raw materials from. For Eucatex, money sure does grow on trees.

Current CEO Flavio Maluf told Noticias the company started as a small family owned factory in 1951 that sold panels. Its first factory, Fiberboard Industrial Unit, was built in 1954 to make panels and ceiling tiles. It now has four factories and exports its products to 37 countries. The company is a leading manufacturer of laminate floors, and a market leader in the sector as well.

Eucatex was the first in Brazil to receive the ISO 9001 certification. It has high environmental, economic and social standards that have been praised far and wide. With certifications such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and the FSC Green Label Certification®, it maintains the rigorous standards promising constant improvement of products and services. It has an ethics channel as well that promotes professional and ethical governance within the company.

Eucatex is run under the able leadership of Flavio Maluf who is the CEO. Flavio Maluf is the son of politician Paulo Maluf. He is also President of Grandfoods, a company that sells food brands such as Premier Pet and Golden.

CEO Flavio Maluf gives Entrepreneurs tips on how to succeed abroad stating that the first rule is, to study and know your target market. Second, a company must act like a local market but think globally which means that they should not think that success can only be found internationally. Third, Mr. Maluf advises entrepreneurs to be aware of tax parameters and laws of different countries before diving in with their products into an unknown territory. It is possible to lose a new venture because of lack of prior knowledge.  Flavio also stresses technology and the positive impact that it will have on education, and how it can be taken advantage of for anybody looking to better themselves.

Flavio Maluf is the epitome of success as the president of one of the best run companies in the world.  Flavio’s website is a good source of news if you’re interested in following him further.

When Kyle Bass Attacks!

Consider CAD. CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Kyle Bass began the organization, and it’s no wonder he had the resources to do as much after his high-profile prediction that America’s stock-market would fail. Despite this prediction’s public nature bearing all the earmarks of some subtle operation, Bass’ predictions weren’t even unique. Many noticed the negative trends but didn’t have the platform to voice them. Yet Bass, an Argentinian financier relatively unknown at the time, suddenly found that platform. Bass eventually managed to get a hedge fund started in Texas, and that fund’s been performing poorly as of late. If indeed he were involved in an operation, he would need to find an additional means of funding it. That’s where CAD comes in.

CAD ostensibly decreases drug cost to help the infirm recover or maintain. In reality, Kyle Bass short-sells stock he’s got in pharmaceutical companies against which the efforts of CAD are aimed. So the drugs lose ninety-percent of their price, Bass short-sells his stock, and millions are made for him and those he may represent.

Who could the powers be whom Bass is working on behalf of? Well, UsefulStooges feels it seems like Kyle Bass may very well be with the governing body of Argentina under the administration of socialist president/despot Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

De Kirchner has been roundly criticized for her poor economic decisions. She’s defaulted her country twice in the span of thirteen years, and seems entirely bereft of any acumen when it comes to money or government. If Bass is indeed leagued with de Kirchner in some kind of operation, it would make sense that his financial efforts are aimed at large economic powers. Bass attacks financially and funnels the plunder into further anti-capitalistic endeavors masquerading as financial strategy. At least, that is what the facts surrounding Bass so strongly seem to implicate.

Plans within plans, and that sort of thing. When such an operation actually ends up accomplishing something successfully, it’s usually not a success that’s immediately visible. Sometimes an exterior country will push out a dictator in order to foster a group of freedom-fighters. Sometimes they’ll induct a despot to quell a cell of terrorists. If the CIA can use their finances and acumen to affect other countries, wouldn’t it make sense that other countries would likewise use means at their disposal to effect the changes they desire? If this is indeed the case, evidence will exist to demonstrate it. When one looks at the actions of Kyle Bass, it becomes apparent there may be some weight to such strange claims.

The Success of Organo Gold

The coffee industry is an exponentially growing business that has been popular among individuals for thousands of years. With the industry still growing, new companies are finding new niches to fit themselves into and to grow a new company. One new niche is the niche of healthy coffee that provides that energy boost as well as a healthy overall feeling in both the mind as well as the body. Coffee is currently one of the most popular drinks in the world not just for the regular energy boost, but also for the many tastes, textures, and even temperatures that it can be consumed in.

In 2008, a new company called Organo Gold created a new type of coffee that would reinvent the idea of coffee. Organo Gold had the idea to fuse together hot beverage products such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate with a four thousand year old ancient Chinese herb known as Ganoderma. This herb has been incorporated with Organo Gold products because of its unique property of eliminating and mental or physical diseases. This elimination can be applied to weight, low energy levels, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma, kidney dysfunction, as well as migraines.

All these beneficial aspects of Ganoderma make Organo Gold not only a delicious product, but the product to choose in order to have a healthy living life. Ganoderma is traditionally used in Eastern medicine and has been broken down in such as way in a natural process to be of a powder substance to be added to Organo Gold products. Bernardo Chua, CEO and co-founder of Organo Gold, is proud to say that Organo Gold has the only organic Ganoderma plantation in North America.

In recent news, the Organo Gold company has continued to grow on the international level. Organo Gold has recently announced its new branch located in Turkey which now marks Organo Gold’s access to Europe and Asia through Turkey. Bernardo Chua states that Organo Gold was created as a simple and delicious way for the world population to live a healthy and happy life. Bernardo Chua has more plans to expand his company and is proud of his team that continues to demonstrate integrity, leadership, as well as excellence in every business deal made.  Bernardo talks the future of the company on Twitter very often.

Doe Deere Explains:When it Comes to Fashion Rules are Made to be Broken

When it comes to successful female entrepreneurs, Doe Deere ranks high among those deemed most driven and most inventive, especially when in the e-commerce fashion and cosmetics arena. With well over 300,000 Instagram followers, her colorful, quirky brand “LimeCrime” has exploded since its inception in 2008 as a %100 vegan, cruelty free alternative for young fashionistas – not to mention saturating the market with bright hues and bold mystical colors which have laid the foundation for her eclectic and exuberant brand of style. The Russian born Doe Deere, started her fashion and cosmetics enterprise as a one man show, doing all her own make-up and modeling her own self-created fashions, creating a facial recognition brand akin to what Lady Gaga is to pop music culture.

In a recent online article, Ms. Deere spoke about her views on fashion and why she believes her brand has been successful in setting itself apart from the pack. From her point of view, to be individually fashion-minded, one must consider fashion rules as suggestions, as jumping off or starting positions in creating your own look, and not to be considered as hard, steadfast rules.

Some rules Doe Deere insists on as being doable, when done the right way, even though they go against the grain of traditional fashion pundits include – wearing both bold eye and lip colors; creating a jazzy color-mix ensemble with coordinating color combinations; mixing patterns together to create one flawless outfit; wearing socks with open toe shoes; and totally dispelling the cliche, “You should dress your age,” especially when it comes to hem lengths or “youthful shades”.

As a businesswoman, artist and fashion designer, Doe Deere is leaving her vivid yet poignant mark on fashion history. Presently only thirty-five years old, Doe is an avid fashion blogger where she is generous with many how to articles to guide any woman into a successful and classy application of her colorful fashion style. Her first venture actually was a simple eBay site. The site’s name popped into her head based on her favorite bright color, and since then she has stayed true to creating an internet based cosmetics firm, even though many felt it wouldn’t succeed. Well, that theory has been laid to rest!

Doe Deere at PHAMExpo

Filling A Need With Brian Torchin

If excellence in service is your goal and you are involved in the administrative responsibilities of a business there is a better than average chance that care in staffing will be a priority. If this is the case then you may already have heard of Brian Torchin who has devoted his life and his career to doing exactly that. Brian began his career in the medical field where he was involved in private practice as a Chiropractor. During that time, he realized that there was a need for qualified staffing solutions in an industry that was already troubled with financial constraints.

Changing times
Regardless of the business you are in the demand for qualified staff will be an issue. This demand will be much greater when there are human lives at stake, which is part of the motivation that drives Torchin. With a clear goal in front of him, Brian went on to open recruitment offices in the Eastern United states through Florida, Philadelphia, and Delaware. It did not take long before Brian earned the respect of his colleagues as one of the leaders in medical staffing solutions. His staffing solutions may have been born from a need in his own corner of the world but that did not stop him from expanding his services across the pond to Asia and Europe.

Full service
With his recruitment services in full swing HCRC Staffing is known for a variety of solutions in the medical field. Those solutions include filling positions in most departments such as therapists and medical assistants. The responsibility of providing quality staffing is not the full extent of this valuable service; in fact, they also offer assistance in background checks and professional consulting. These services are intended to assist their wide range of clients to employ the most qualified staff for the positions they need filled.

The real deal
Most of the people who come in contact with Brian Torchin will attest to the fact that he is the real deal. The goals he set for himself continue to expand where he uses every resource available to him. Advice to his client is always available and that could come through public speaking or from one of the many articles he has published in his blogs. There is no shortage of references from well-respected colleagues like Dr. Mayer Green who are ready to sing him praise.

California’s Premier Spot To Spend Your Golden Years

Choosing to move from your apartment or home to a senior living facility can be contributed to many factors. Most seniors choose to move because their house has gotten too big for them to care for and the large space is unnecessary, but by that time in their lives many seniors are in need of daily assistance. The negative reputation given to assisted living facilities can create a sense of uneasiness, but these facilities all require a standard of living across the board. However, like apartment buildings and neighborhoods there are premier spots to spend your golden years, and one particular residential community has stood the test of time since it opened its doors.

The Manse on Marsh has become a coveted and sought after community for seniors in California. Located in San Luis Obispo this lively community has received twelve awards from 2001-2010 ranging from Best Retirement Community two years in a row to winning an outstanding contributions award. Owned by Chris Skiff, Manse on Marsh has gone above and beyond the general standards of senior living by offering a wide variety of added services as well as traditional ones. After graduating UCLA with honors Skiff teamed up with a major developer and helped build affordable apartments for seniors at the age of twenty-three. Since then he has been involved in 20 seniors communities and has run Manse on Marsh for fifteen years.

Manse on Marsh offers two activities for those wanting to become residents. They offer an independent living program as well as an assisted living program, but no matter which program you enroll in every resident gets an assistant pendant they can use at any time 24/7. With the assisted living program the assistance given is dependent on the individual, and it can be increased or decreased at any time upon request. Their staff includes a registered nurse available 24/7 as well as a certified medical technician if needed. Regular “check-ins” are performed five times a day with discretion along with general services such as the delivery of meal tickets, bed making, and evening trash removal.

The housing options at Manse on Marsh sets them apart from traditional communities as the blog outlines. Residents can choose attached studio apartments, one or two bedroom suites, private cottages, and even detached homes with up to three bedrooms. Outside their luxurious homes they offer two Bistros where you can use your meal tickets, a home theater, nail and hair salon, rooftop patios, and a library with computer and internet access. Check out the new Manse on Marsh commercial on YouTube.