Beneful Packs Big Goodness Into Small Bites Dog Food

Full of goodness, that’s what Beneful translate into. Beneful dog food creates several style of foods from a grain free variety, a specially formulated puppy nugget, and perfectly proportioned IncrediBites for toy and small breed dogs.

When considering the needs of tiny dogs, Beneful and Nestle Purina worked with a team of animal nutritionist to create a 100% nutritionally complete dog food that was also miniature in size. They managed to pack the proper vitamins, minerals, and protein into a small space. Smaller pups have smaller teeth and mouths, so they require nuggets that will fit into their little mouths.

These power packed nutritional nuggets come in a variety of flavors to please the most fussy of eaters. Incredibites wet dog food comes in traditional beef, classic chicken or for fisher lover, salmon. All the proteins are chopped and combine with tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice.

Beneful continues to created full-of-goodness food for all the dogs they get to serve from big to small.

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Pick A Few Lessons from Bridget Scarr; Writer & Executive Producer

Bridget Scarr wears many hats. Besides being a writer and creative producer, she is also a singer-songwriter. As the Executive Producer at Colibri Studios, Bridget Scarr is the head of content development, strategy as well as partnerships. Her role entails the daily development and enhanced collaboration with international broadcasters, creative talent and project partners to come up with ideas and ensure their implementation.


Bridget Scarr loves to develop compelling content for many different platforms. She produces content for television, digital platforms, virtual and augmented reality, as well as for interactive exhibition. Over the years, Scarr has attracted an enormous audience that identifies with her projects both at intellectual and emotional levels.


Her love for all forms of content is built on the belief that it has the power to alter mindsets and promptly transform the world. She believes that creativity is a dominant force and can at times be used as a change agent. She terms creativity as her savior (alongside her partner and son) explaining that it got her out of despair. Bridget believes that creativity gave her a personal outlet, a space for fun, and the liberty to express herself.


In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Bridget Scarr revealed a few things about herself. When asked about Colibri Studios, she said that it was born out of her desire to find a home for her ideation. In her previous career as a TV producer, she mostly dwelled on bringing the ideas of other people to life. When she came up with Colibri, she was desperately in need of a career shift and transition. She feels home at Colibri Studios. It is the single most places where all her ideas come to life – irrespective of the nature of the content.


Bridget Scarr begins her day with meditation. Besides getting her energized, it helps her to stay focused throughout the day. She then takes a light breakfast with her family, before making a brief commute to the office. She dedicates three hours (9-12) to research and development of original content. She then heads home, relaxes and also reads industry news. She usually enjoy lunch with her family every day because it gives them an opportunity to spend quality time together.


From 2 pm, she follows up on emails with sales agents and co-producers, reads a book, watches TV or looks for some alternative project inspiration. In the evening, Bridget and her partner take their son for a walk and spend some time playing in the park, before having a light dinner. Upon tucking him in bed, she either gets back to work or watches a new TV series after which she takes a meditative bath, and then heads to bed.


If she were to advise her younger self, she would insist on the importance of eliminating fear, trusting one’s journey, and believing in oneself and God-given gifts. She emphasizes the importance of people being grateful for everything they have and appreciating their loved ones. She treasures the beauty of meditation, being free and loving unconditionally.


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Anthony Petrello’s Business and Philanthropic Drive

Nabors Industries is one of the bright spots in today’s gas and oil drilling industries. They are a global leader in providing the best and most innovative drilling equipment. They are currently operating in over 20 countries across the globe and continue to grow their market share.

The company owns the largest land based drilling fleet in the world. They also provide the latest innovative drilling technology on the market and are known for constantly keeping up with that technology. This continual innovation in drilling technology has earned Nabors the reputation for being on the cutting edge. They provide equipment for land drilling, off shore drilling, vertical drilling, specialty rigs and technology equipment. They also manufacture and sell drilling related equipment that includes catwalks, draw works and wrenches.

To be a leader in the oil and gas drilling industry you have to consistently be on your toes. One man who is known for that particular skill set is CEO of Nabors Industries Anthony Petrello.

Anthony, or Tony, Petrello is currently not only the Chief Executive Officer but the Chairman of the Board and the President of the company. Prior to earning these prestigious titles, he held many other leadership positions at Nabors.

When he gained his first position with Nabors in 1991 it was to work as part of the Executive Committee of the Board. From 1991 to 2011 he held the positions of President and Chief Operating Officer as well as earning the position of Deputy Chairman in 2003. He took on the title of Chief Executive Officer in 2011.

By holding these prominent leadership positions for such a long duration Anthony Petrello has carved out the path for Nabors’ success in such a niche industry. He currently also serves as a strategic planning consult for other members of the leadership team. In this role, he puts his skill set of business development to use.

Anthony Petrello also uses his business development skills to help other businesses. He is a director for oil drilling equipment manufacturers Stewart & Stevenson LLC as well as Hilcorp Energy Company.

Petrello is not only passionate about business but is also a very well known philanthropist in Houston. While he is involved with many charities and sits on multiple boards, his main focus is working with Texas Children’s Hospital’s research in neurological conditions in children. He and his family have donated $7 million toward neurological research and care and he sits on the Hospital’s board of directors.

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Shopping for and getting the best deal on Beneful Dog food at walmart

Beneful dog food has now become the fourth most popular dog food in the United States. With such a high degree of success, Walmart stores around the country have begun to stock more Beneful products, all at the same low Walmart prices.

The simplest method is using manufacturer’s coupons. Beneful, owned by Purina regularly issues money-saving coupons in local newspapers. Those who do not subscribe to the local newspaper can get coupons for Beneful at their website Currently, Purina is offering $3 off their new “Simple recipe” grain-free dog food. Finally, Walmart offers their own coupons at

Shoppers aren’t limited to a single coupon per visit, only a single coupon per item. This means I can pay to stock up if you have coupons from many sources all the same time. Even without coupons Beneful dog food is healthy and sells for under a dollar per pound, making it a great buy with or without coupons. To watch video click here.

Vincent Parascandola: Changing The Financial Sector, One Advice At A Time

Three decades ago, Vincent Parascandola completed his bachelor of science from PACE University. Among his early employment positions was being an agent at Prudential. This is where he learnt more about finances and had developed his skills with specific focus for more than twenty years. These years have seen him rise to the position of Vice President of AXA Advisors.

Vincent has a formula that has enabled him achieve so much success at such a short time. His focus is on recruiting highly motivated professionals and grow them to become industry leaders of the future. In fact, it is believed he ensures that he holds onto an employee until it is impossible to do so. Vincent Parascandola has great passion for sales and is therefore living example of the transformation that a good sales team can bring to a business. Check out WalletHub to know more.

Vincent Parascandola has been a trailblazer all his work life. At Prudential, where his star started to shine, he was awarded as the National Rookie for the year. In 1990, his passion for sales saw him move to MONY Life Insurance Company. At MONY, he was privileged to hold several positions at regional level. He latest moved to Advantage group as a president. Advantage group was a subsidiary of AXA Equitable. It is from there that his efforts were noted and he rose to become the vice president of AXA Advisors.

About AXA

According to RocketReach, AXA Advisors focuses on financial services majoring on global insurance and investment management. Like its current manager, AXA Advisors has grabbed global headlines with a 14% growth, the first among insurance companies. The company has regional offices and operations in Western Europe, Middle East, North America and Asia Pacific regions. It provides customized advice to individuals and corporate entities to enable them manage their current financial status and secure a better future. Vincent Parascandola is a passionate financial advisor who teaches from experience and passion.

Eric Pulier, Nurturing Minds and Improving the World!

Up-and-coming entrepeneurs appear everyday, and disappear just as quickly. So when one sicks around and begins to make a name for themselves, they become someone we should pay attention to. Eric Pulier, a venture capitalist that came from a humble start in New Jersey, is showing the world that with hard work and a belief in a positive future, we can all make a difference.

Eric Pulier aims to change the world by focusing on two different goals. First, staying positive. He’s mentioned many times how his optimism was one of the main reasons his company has survived various difficult points in its history and how he developed the tenacity required to lead it. And second, helping new entrepeneurs get their start in the world. As a venture capitalist his job is to find aspiring minds with new ideas and a hard work ethic, then give them the resources they need to bring their dreams to life, including financial backing and direct mentoring.

Not only is Eric Pulier an accomplished entrepreneur and venture capitalist, but he also is a philanthropist. Instead of using the extra profits from his various projects to line his pockets, he invests in charities and creates technologies that help those less fortunate. An example of this being the Starbright Network, which connects children with chronic illness to each other through a private social network. This allows them to communicate safely through chat forums and other environments, keeping them socially healthy and avoiding the costs that isolation forces upon them.

Projects like Starbright is only one side of his philanthropic aspirations. Eric Pulier also serves on the director board for the XPrize Foundation, which creates competitive situations in which people look for solutions for seemingly incurable problems such as poverty that affect the entire world. He holds a similar position in the organization, The Painted Turtle, which runs annual summer camps for children with chronic and serious illnesses. For more info about us: click here.

There is no doubt that Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur that will only continue to change the world and nurture those whose minds and ideas will improve our futures!

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Dr. Imran Haque and his Contributions to the Healthcare Sector

Currently, most of the world’s population has become occupied to the point of neglecting everything that is likely to boost good health. Owing to these, the rate of lifestyle diseases has skyrocketed to unimaginable levels. Stats show that currently, about 9.3 percent of the US’s population suffers from diabetes. Surprisingly, today even children have become prone to Diabetes due to the inactive lifestyles they lead.

Today, Diabetes has claimed some lives which make it an ailment that requires keen observation. Thanks to the power of technology, today testing for Diabetes has become quite simpler. Through a sample, professionals can now figure the presence of Diabetes. Besides, it is now possible the type of Diabetes presence to come up with a treatment strategy.

According to Dr. Imran Haque, a leader in the journey to treat Diabetes, the ailment comes in three types. First there, is the kind one Diabetes. That sort of diabetes occurs when beta cells in the pancreas are hence affecting the production of insulin. Therefore, the condition is managed by taking insulin shots and designing a right meal plan. The type 2 Diabetes is common, and according to stats, the higher number of Diabetes’s patients suffers from type 2.This kind of diabetes can also be administered through insulin injections when the sugar levels go unstable. Last but not the least is the gestational Diabetes. As the name implies, this condition occurs to pregnant mothers.

Dr. Imran Haque is among the few experienced doctors who understand the road to controlling Diabetes. Over his career, Imran has remained focused to ensuring that patients access a personalized form of treatment dependence on his or her condition. Dr. Imran has been practicing his skills in North Carolina in hospitals such as High Point Regional Hospital, Randolph Hospital, and South Eastern Medical Hospital.

Also, to allow convenience in service delivery, Dr. Imran launched Horizontal Internal Medicine. In the recent past, the medical facility hit the headlines with the news of introducing robots in their operation sessions. The idea took many by surprise trying to figure out how all that was possible. However, according to Imran, and through technology, the idea is a deal-come true. According to Imran, the robots will now be easily guided through the operations until success. Although many feel the new plan will see some of the surgeons fired, Dr. Imran insists that the idea is perfect when adopted. Robotic-guided surgeries will come along with more benefits than harm which means safety to the patient.

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The Quincy: Troubled Past, Rebuilding Their Future

The area of New Brunswick, New Jersey has gone through some changes within recent years. For the passed decade the crime rate has increased, leaving some businesses to implement alternate services for their customers to help keep them. The Quincy Hotel, in trying to appease their clients, started employing pizza deliverers. This decision soon proved to be problematic.

In the last half of the year 2012 multiple robberies occurred involving pizza delivery drivers within the Quincy Apartments and community. It didn’t take long for law officers to connect Parysh Wood, or “P Gun” or “Pistol”, with the robberies. During a briefing, Chief Raymond Hayducka explained that most criminals leave a clear digital footprint with all of today’s technology. His officers were able to move quickly with the arresting process. As police investigated, they learned that he had also been involved in multiple robberies of pizza delivery drivers, all occurring within a few months. Parysh Wood was already serving time for a previous robbery when police charged him with the robbery that had happened at the end of 2012. His bail is currently set at $100,000.

Another incident at the Quincy Apartments happened October 7th, 2015. There was a shooting. With the quick response of the police force only one victim was brought to the hospital for a gunshot wound. The bullet had not hit any vital organs. The man was able to recover quickly. Police have a suspect but are being tight-lipped until the case is closed.

To help deter the criminal activity that has increased in their area, the Quincy Apartments has responded with renovations to their building. Their goal is to make their property more appealing to a higher class of people. The Quincy is hoping to bring more money back into the community, along with more families. They are hoping that those changes will push back out the criminal activity, which will continue to make it a more ideal living area for future residents.


Paul Mampilly – The Brain Behind Profits Unlimited

     As an investor, Mr. Paul Mampilly primary focus is business and financial investment. He previously worked as hedge fund manager for business organizations such as Kinetics Asset Management, ING, and Deutsche Bank. Mr. Paul has also won many awards, including the prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment Award. Over the years, many viewers, investors, and entrepreneurs have had the opportunity of interacting with Paul Mampilly through various television broadcasts such as CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

Paul Mampilly is the brain behind Profits Unlimited. He founded the company after leaving Wall Street. He wanted to start something that can be useful to people who are not super rich to experience the benefits of wise investment. Moreover, Paul was fortunate to discover the newsletter business because he can use his expertise and skill to help several people. Through Profits Unlimited, Paul is offering guidance to individuals who are interested in learning about stock investment and when to leave the business involving stock market. He has more than 25 years of experience in the investment world. Therefore, his research on investment opportunities comes at an expense that any American who is business oriented can afford.

Paul Mampilly starts his typical day like any other American does. He normally gets up from the bed between 5.30 Am and 6.00 Am to go through all of the news about the performance of the world market, including North America markets, which are Canada and the United States of America. Paul also prefers looking the news about the performance of the specific companies that he tracks. As an experienced investor, Mr. Mampilly brings ideas to life through extensive research and consultation with his team. Most of his effort and time goes into the formation of a stock write-up that will result in a winning business portfolio. Mr. Mampilly also understands that people who read his newsletters do not have the same knowledge. Some people sit down to do their research while others are busy with their personal lives. According to Paul, it is essential to do a research work that suits people despite their background. This includes standing in their shoes and making the investment guidance easy for them to follow.

Attorney Karl Heideck Discuses Some Of Pennsylvania’s Strangest Laws

Who Is Karl Heideck?

Karl Heideck is an attorney who lives in and practices in the state of Pennsylvania. His educational background includes an undergraduate degree in English and literature from Swarthmore College. Mr. Karl Heideck obtained his law degree from the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University.

Mr. Karl Heideck is skilled in litigation. He has worked on and performed both pre and post trial tasks in issues of litigation in courts. Karl Heideck’s field of expertise as an attorney spans corporate litigation, product liability, risk management and employment law. He also regularly publishes articles and commentary about legal issues and developments occurring in the state of Pennsylvania.

Karl Heideck says that the state of Pennsylvania has some strange if not funny laws regarding such issues as marriage, fishing and hunting. For example, there is a law that says guns, cannons and other firearms cannot be fired during wedding events. Another law regarding marriage says that members of the clergy cannot officiate a wedding between drunk people. This law can theoretically put into question the marriage vow of a person who was drunk at the time.

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One of the odd fishing laws in effect in Pennsylvania is the prohibition of goldfish, carp and koi as bait when fishing. Pennsylvania fisherman also are subject to a list of illegal fishing techniques. One of these includes the use of dynamite when fishing. There actually is a good reason why goldfish and carp are prohibited from being used as bait and that is because they are invasive.

According to, Pennsylvania has a number of odd laws when it comes to hunting. One of these is the prohibition on hunting animals in cemeteries. Another hunting law applies to large game animals. A Pennsylvania law states that you cannot shot these animals while they are swimming.

Parents are also subject to the scrutiny of some strange laws. There is one law that states children must have a bathroom within 200 feet of their bedrooms. The law also states that a child must have access to a shower or bathtub as well. There are exceptions to this law of course. This brings Pennsylvania parents so much needed relief says Karl Heideck.