Jeff Yastine: Regtech Technology Will Save Many Businesses

Jeff Yastine is a man who understands the stock markets too well. The businessman is respected in the US and other areas of the globe because of the changes he is bringing in the lives of investors. Jeff Yastine serves consumers with his expertise in investments, and he has managed to make people acquire profits in the complicated markets. Unlike most prominent figures that prefer to work in large companies so that they can prove their expertise to the world, the businessman has decided to share his knowledge with people while working at a company called Banyan Hill Publishing. The businessman acquired his expertise in this field with the main aim of changing the lives of people who are around him. The finance executive has shown to the world that it is possible to make profits, even when the governments and other figures bring challenges.

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Jeff Yastine recently wrote a publication advising business people on how to maximize their profits at all times, even when their governments introduce numerous regulations. The businessman understands that all investors should look for many ways of earning money, regardless of the challenges and changes taking place in the markets. Jeff believes that most businesses experience problems when they do not focus on the amount of expenses they are incurring on their daily operations. Hiring new employees and training them takes a lot of time and resources, and this means that the organization loses some significant amount at the end of the day.

Jeff Yastine says that it is very common for investors to get regulations from the government. When this has taken place, many investors get worried because they do not know what will happen at the end of the day. Many people only think about the numerous expenses they have to deal with so that they do not fall in the wrong side of the law. In most cases, the government ask for compliance departments to be formed at the expense of the investors and business owners. Individuals who are wise do not have to deal with these expenses anymore. Read this article at to know more about Jeff Yastine

Regtech Technology was introduced several years ago, and Jeff Yastine believes that it is the right channel that will help many people to live a great life in the modern times. This technology can be easily installed in the company system by experts, and it will ensure that all government regulations are followed in a company.At the end of the day, there will be very few expenses to deal with. To learn more about Jeff Yastine, visit:


Wonderful Financial Advice That Jeff Yastine Gives in his Articles

As a person who has more than ten years of experience as a financial journalist and an investor in the stock market, Jeff has been enlightening investors on economic, business and financial trends. Currently, he works at Banyan Hill as the editor of its magazine, Total Wealth Insider. In his position as an editor in Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff has published many insightful business articles.

Recently, he published an article about the upcoming technology industry. In this article, he points out to his readers that whenever stuff stays the same, they will eventually stagnate. And since nothing remains the same, change is always inevitable. Due to this fact, people must be ready to embrace change in the business world. He then tells them that in business, change comes up with extra rules, which increase the cost of the business and ultimately lower the price of stock in a company. To avoid the negatives effects of those changes, Jeff advises firms to use a regulatory technology dubbed as the regtech. The technology utilizes tools such as artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to reduce regulatory costs.

He has also published an article that discusses the possible profitable competitors in Amazon who investors should consider investing in. Last year in November, Jeff Yastine pointed how Embraer an aeroplane manufacturer company was getting manufacturing contracts from both the military and civilian bodies. He also predicted that mergers and acquisitions would rise in the retail field with the aim of competing favourably with Amazon. A survey that was done by the Dealogic Company showed that November 2017 was the second month where many mergers and acquisition got done since 1995. All these confirmed whatever Jeff predicted. Another study that got conducted revealed that forty percent of companies have mergers and acquisition as their priority.

Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff worked in PBS Nightly Business Report as its correspondent and anchors too. He worked in that company diligently for more than fifteen years until he got voted for an Emmy. As he served the company, Jeff had a chance of interviewing many influential people. Some of those people included Michael Dell, Richard Branson and Warren Buffet. Jeff has also been on the cutting edge of several essential occasions that have occurred across the globe. For instance, he has travelled to Cuba twice in the year 1994, and the year 2003 where he reported the impact of foreign investment in the economy of the island.

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Jeff Yastine Recommends Regtech As A Profitable Investment

Total Wealth Insider Jeff Yastine has written about the next tech industry up and comer. He reminded readers that things stagnate when they remain the same. Additional rules are what change normally is in the world of business, these increase the costs. Increased costs can the stock prices to drop unless regulatory technology or “regtech” is used.

Explaining Regtech

This investment opportunity uses artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and other software which can cut regulatory costs. There are eighty companies being acknowledged by global management consulting firm Bain and Co as emerging regtechs. The insurance and banking industries are where the companies are headed, there is a need for technology to increase the industries profits.

There are eighty companies close to startup that are privately held. While the names are unknown to people they are expected to grow and give an new opportunity for investment. The amount spent to conform to regulations is expected to increase by forty billion dollars in the next three years.

Expense of Regulations Fulfillment

It takes money to fulfil regulations, financial institutions will require identity verification whether changes or made to an account or a new account is opened. The prevention of corruption and money laundering is the reason for this, and the cost to comply with rules is high. Regtech specialists can handle the requirements for approximately three hundred thousand instead of the ten million to one billion that companies are paying now.

Joining the Fold

Financial benefits provided by regtech are being recognized increasing the potential investment. Officials are proposing having regtech companies in the bureaucratic circle like others have federal regulators for maintaining the ratings of credit for bond markets. It has been suggested that regtech companies gain a charter that gives them authority like a bank. Visit Talk Markets for more updates.

Trust the Advice

You should listen to Jeff Yastine when he gives suggestions about investments. The financial sector’s profits can increase through the advancements of regtech. Jeff Yastine has over twenty years of experience with the stock market, and writes a weekly articles for GcReport and contributes to “Sovereign Investor Daily” and “Winning Investor Daily” for Banyan Hill. He began as editorial director there during 2015 and gives information about business, monetary and economic trends.

Jeff Yastine got his Bachelor of Arts in telecommunications in 1986, and after graduation worked for PBS’s Nightly Business Report as a Sr. Correspondent for seventeen years. He then went to Oxford Club LLC as Editorial Director followed by over two years at Newsmax Media. He then moved to Banyan Hill Publishing where he currently works. Learn more:

Securus Technologies: Opening a new Business Unit

Securus Technologies has expanded their business. The company has been known all throughout the North American continent as the leading communications provider for prison and other related facilities. The company has been creating software and devices that are permitted to be used inside the premises of a correctional facility, and one of their most popular products are the video calling technology and the voice calling technology. Their video calling technology is even praised by the jail authorities across the country because of its ultrafast speed, and some are considering replacing the traditional face to face visits with the video calling technology from Securus Technologies.



The company has grown into a multi-million dollar business, but they thought that investing in a new business unit woud give them additional revenues. Recently, Securus Technologies announced the acquisition of GovNetPay, a popular payment platform that is being used by more than a quarter of the total number of counties in the United States. According to Robert E. Pickens, the decision to purchase GovNetPay came after the company realized that they would need an additional source of revenue. They thought that purchasing the payment platform would be beneficial for them and for the public, because of the high revenue that it will produce, and at the same time, the new convenience that they can provide to the public.



Securus Technologies is proud to say that with the current technology they have on their hands, GovNetPay will be able to process payments in a short amount of time. They are looking into processing more than 40 million payments per year, and they can see that the number of people who are using the platform will increase after the acquisition. GovNetPay is being used to pay for government imposed taxes, fees, and fines, but Securus Technologies is looking for additional services that they can add to the platform.



Jeff Yastine Talks About The Promise Of Regtech

As an editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine puts out a monthly newsletter called Total Wealth Insider. His goal is to apprise his readers of investment opportunities that others have missed. His goal is to help his readers lead a better and more prosperous life. He has been a professional investor and financial journalist for many years and was once nominated for an Emmy award. More info about Jeff Yastine at

Jeff Yastine recently wrote an article about government regulation and how to make money through investing in companies that specialize in helping other businesses deal with it. He says that when government regulation of an industry occurs it causes a number of changes at companies. Big companies will hire compliance officers and staff a dedicated compliance department, for example. These compliance officers will spend a lot of time studying sometimes very complex rules so that no violations of the regulations take place.

It costs businesses a lot of money to comply with new regulations. Globally financial institutions alone spend over $65 billion a year complying with regulations. As additional regulations are passed in different countries it’s possible this will rise to $118 billion a year by 2020, he says.

There are now a number of technology startups who are dedicated to helping companies comply with regulations in a more cost-effective way. This new type of technology is called Regtech. By developing sophisticated programs to deal with regulations the amount of human capital needed is reduced which saves a lot of money. Jeff Yastine says that these companies are something that investors should be taking a very close look at because they represent an opportunity to make quite a bit of a return.

Jeff Yastine says that there are roughly 100 companies in the Regtech industry. Most are still privately held but there are a few that have held an IPO. The regtech companies mainly have insurers and banks as clients for now but this technology could expand to other sectors in the coming years.

One example of cost savings that Jeff Yastine points to is a study that was conducted by American Banker. He said that banks currently need to confirm the identities of new customers, costing them over $11 million a year. By using Regtech companies that number can be reduced to $300,000. As Regtech takes over more and more regulation compliance they are going to be very profitable due to these cost savings for their clients.

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How Dr. Mark Mofid Has Enhanced The Surgical Industry

Dr. Mark Mofid is California based plastic surgeon. Dr. Mofid has been certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Mofid is known for the unique procedures that he does on his patients. Dr. Mofid is regarded by his peers as one of the best doctors in his field.

Dr. Mofid received his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University. He continued his studies at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Mofid is a member of the University of California, San Diego’s Division of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Mofid also belongs to the American College of Surgeons. His work has been featured in The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. Dr. Mofid primarily works at several hospitals throughout San Diego. With his easy going disposition, Dr. Mofid strives to make every patient’s surgical experience as pleasant as possible.

Dr. Mofid primarily assists with gluteal augmentation procedures. Dr. Mofid strives to change the negative perception concerning these procedures. Dr. Mofid is known for his conservative approach. He only adds intramuscular implants. Dr. Mofid refuses to perform a larger than necessary procedure on any of his patients.

Dr. Mofid created a unique gluteal implant that provided easier intramuscular positioning. He studied under Raul Gonzalez, a Brazilian plastic surgeon who performed thousands of innovative surgeries. Gonzalez predicts that implant surgeries will continue to rise throughout the United States.

Dr. Mofid expects the demand to rise because of the substantial changes in technique. There is more emphasis on the aesthetics of a procedure. Dr. Mofid is looking at using a-cellular dermal matrix products to assist with his procedures. He is also a fan of the use of bio-inductables, which Dr. Mofid heels enhances breast reconstruction. Dr. Mofid has created a new video that explains how the Seri scaffold can stop dilatation. The synthetic meshes can assist with breast reconstruction procedures, as well as abdominal wall reinforcement and hernia repairs.

Rocketship Education Involves Parents in Teachers’ Job Interviews

Rocketship Education, a non-profit network of 13 charter schools, has made it their culture to involve parents during interview and selection of their teachers. Unlike in many schools where the hiring of teachers is entirely left to the administration, the organization has found it beneficial to consider parent’s input during the process. In each of their 13 schools, the management collaborates with parents to identify teaches who will be hired before schools reopen.

A recent article published on the Washington Post by Perry Stein explained how local parents were incorporated in interviewing potential teachers for the organization’s first school in Washington D.C. Preston Smith, the organization’s co-founder and CEO, confirmed to Education Week that the chain has always made it a routine to embrace parent’s participation. Rocketship has gained popularity not only because of their unique involvement of parents in their programs but also for its well-blended and personalized learning approach.

According to the CEO, the chain uses varying styles to involve parents in job interviews for each of their charter schools. He explained that in some of their schools, a given number of families are trained to perform job interviews. In others, parents are invited to a meeting to interact with successful applicants before classes can resume. Smith added that the collaborative program has promoted a fruitful relationship between management and parents of various schools.

About Rocketship Education

Co-founded in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner, Rocketship has continued to provide alternative quality education to children from low-income families in various communities across the region. The organization has lived to its mission of eliminating achievement gaps through a scalable and sustainable learning model.

Rocketship Education’s first charter school was opened in San Jose, in 2007. When it took California’s state assessment, the school’s performance was at par with some of the top district schools in the region. The high performance fuelled the organization’s rapid growth and expansion. Within a period of 5 years, Rocketship Education had opened six more schools in San Jose. It has since expanded to Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Redwood. Apart from local parents, Rocketship partners with other charter schools, community organizations, and districts to deliver on its mission.

Highland Capital Co Founder James Dondero

James Dondero is a well known finance entrepreneur who currently runs a top called Highland Capital Management. Over the course of his career, he has built and developed on one of the most comprehensive financial services firms in the world. While he has established himself as a leading entrepreneur in the field of finance, he is also a very well known philanthropist as well. James actively participates in a number of charitable activities when he is not working. He regularly makes contributions to causes such as healthcare, education, community affairs, public policy and veteran’s affairs. With his assistance, a number of organizations have been in position to better help make the community a better place for everyone. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Dondero has spent over two decades running a financial services firm. Prior to owning his own financial services company, James worked as an analyst and an investment officer for a number of years. These experiences were able to help him get a firm grasp of the financial industry as well as how to operate a top firm. He would later use these experiences to start up an insurance company and then expand it into a financial services firm. Follow James on Linkedin.

During his career, James has been involved in a number of charitable activities. One of the most well known causes that he has given to is education. He has provided funds to local business schools in an effort to improve their curriculums as well as provide students with the opportunity to get better job placement. Another cause that he has contributed to is healthcare where James donated funds to organizations such as the American Heart Association. With his contributions, he has been in position to help people overcome cardiovascular conditions. James Dondero has also contributed to helping veterans get access to the healthcare and job training they need in order to adjust back into society.

The most recent charitable cause that James has contributed to is helping raise a $1 million grant for a local Dallas organization. Recently, James attended a luncheon and urged the attendees to contribute to this fund in order to help an organization get the funding it needed to help the community. This organization looks to provide assistance and support to those who have been victims of family violence. Fortunately for James and the community, the organization was able to come up with the $1 million and help people better cope with the family violence that they have experienced.


Retired Brazilian Financial Expert Igor Cornelsen

Born in the South American country of Brazil, Igor Cornelsen became one of that area’s top most respected bankers after working in several management positions at some of the nation’s biggest banks, as well as helping manage the country’s gross economy. After his brief career in banking, he went into the field of investing and started a company called Bainbridge Investments, which is based in the Bahamas. Through this business, he helps future investors by teaching them about long-term investment strategies, and giving them advice on the best types of stocks to buy and sell.

The retired banker warns those who are interested in the world of investing not to take chances on firms that are going through financial issues, but advises them to instead invest in declining or damaged stocks that they can sell for a profit. The reason he thinks these types of stocks are a better investment is because they are cheaper to buy and will usually increase in value as the market becomes more stable. Igor Cornelsen is also known for giving financial advice to businesses such as Burger King, which is just one of his many clients that has benefited greatly from his guidance. Visit at about Igor Cornelsen

Two of the things that he encourages potential investors to put their money in are Brazilian banks and the country of China, which is Brazil’s biggest trading partner. He feels that Brazilian banks would be an ideal stock for first time investors because of their growth potential. And he has tips for those who want to invest in his country. These tips include, connecting with the local people in the area to get information on their business experiences, being prepared to experience conditions such as strict regulations and high taxes and developing an understanding of foreign currency and exchange when it comes to making transactions.

Although Igor Cornelsen is retired, he still lends his consulting services to the banking and investing industry. He currently lives in Boca Raton, Florida for most of the year, and in his home country of Brazil for the remainder of the year. He has a social media presence on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linked In, and he spends a great deal of time playing golf.

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Greg Secker is Taking Busines to the Next Level

Greg Secker is highly known for his job roles that he plays as being a master trader, entrepreneur, international speaker, Philanthropist and his number one job, which includes him being a father. In 2003 Secker was able to proudly found the Knowledge to Action Group. This happens to be a group that includes several companies including; Johannesburg, Learn to Trade, Sydney and Manila. Secker is also able to be the founder of The Greg Secker Foundation, which is a nonprofit foundation that helps to improve people’s quality of life all around the world.

The beginning of Secker’s career started with Thomas Cook Financial Services. After having worked there he then decided to move to the foreign exchange business so that he could run a brand new business that was called The Virtual Trading Desk. It so happened that at the time VTD was the very first real-time online Forex trading platform. The platform made it to where customers were able to quickly receive real-time quotes.

Greg Secker was able to amazingly start up the company Learn to Trade in just 3 short months. It was within 13 years that the company grew to have offices located in Australia, London, the Philippines and in South Africa. Throughout the years well over 200,000 individuals have been educated through the Learn to Trade program. Through The World Finance Magazine, the company was amazingly awarded as being the Best Educator.

Secter is known for being one very passionate man when it comes to Philanthropy. This passion really showed in 2017 when he happened to be nominated for position 151 by Richtopia. Also in 2017 Seckor was amazingly recognized for the role that he has in the Outstanding Individual Corporate Leadership. Many People look upon him in the Philanthropy community, knowing that this is one passion that he is not going to give up anytime soon.